Wes Johnson Scouting Report

As promised here is your Wes Johnson scouting report with the debut of my “Big Board.”

Name: Wes Johnson
Ht: 6’7″ Wt: 190
Pos: SF Class: Jr.
College: Syracuse

Overview: There is nothing about Wes Johnson that screams stud. There is also nothing about him that screams bust. Simply put; Wes Johnson is a ballplayer. He has very nice form on his jumper. He has the potential to become lights out from 3-point range but as of right now he doesn’t attempt many treys. His ball-handling skills are good enough to succeed in the NBA. When he attempts to drive into traffic his ball-handling leaves a bit to be desired. He is still a very effective player without putting the ball on the floor too often. The one part of his game that stands out for me above all else is how well he feeds to post. He passes into the post better than any other prospect. He exercises tremendous patience on offense by attempting to get his teammates open looks before he looks for his own shot. He is a very good weakside blocker, but that is in a zone defense and not in a man. Because Syracuse mostly plays in a zone it is hard to gauge how well or how poorly Johnson will defend in the league. If I had to guess I would say he’ll be an average defender based on his foot speed. His foot speed much like his athleticism is above average but nothing mind boggling. He is very long and will likely cause some offensive players problems just based on his length alone. His vast improvement to his overall game since he transferred tells me he is a hard worker and he seems to have a very good attitude.

Strengths: Patience, length, shooting form, weakside blocking, and passing into the post.

Weaknesses: Lack of information on how he will defend in man defense, ball-handling, and the fact he does everything well but very few things great.

Outlook/Comparable: Wes Johnson screams “more athletic Mike Miller” to me. When Mike Miller was at Florida he fed the post better than any college player. He had a very nice jumper but didn’t shoot many threes. He rarely took over games just like Wes. They both focus more on making everyone around them better. I do not think Wes Johnson is going to be a perennial all-star who averages 20 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists. I think he is however going to give some team solid production. He will shoot a very good percentage, average around 15 or 16 a year, and give you around 5 rebounds and 4 assists. He is a very safe pick.

Big Board: Today I unveil my big board. This board will update with each additional scouting report. For instance just because someone is ranked #1 today doesn’t mean he will be #1 next week when I add another player.

1. Evan Turner, SG, Ohio State
2. Wes Johnson, SF, Syracuse

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