DWW's Player of the Week (Jan 25-31)


Corey Brewer is the Player of the Week after averaging 17.8 points, 3.5 rebounds, and shooting 53% through 4 games.

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  • http://www.soaringdownsouth.com SoaringdownSouth

    Hey Derrick, I was curious as to your thoughts on the Wolves progress with the Triangle Offense this season? It is a tough system to master but it definitely has benefits.

  • http://dunkingwithwolves.com Derrick Willis

    Well first thing is the guard play. The Wolves are attempting to run the system with a rookie PG which is almost unheard of. Flynn says he wants to be an extension of Kurt Rambis on the floor but it is like learning a foreign language. In the post Big Al has finally started to pass better out of the double team. Unfortunately this is where their biggest problem comes to light. They don’t have the shooters in place yet. If the Wolves are going to get anywhere running the triangle they need better shooting and improved wing play. Corey Brewer is helping as of late but he is not enough. Hopefully this offseason via draft (5 picks total) and free agency they can add more a sharp shooting and athletic 3/4 tweener, a couple bench shooters, and a starting wing player.

  • http://www.soaringdownsouth.com KWillis

    Thanks for the info. I am a basketball coach that has been researching the triangle. Haven’t had an opportunity to watch the T-Wolves much. Thanks, love what you are doing here.

  • http://dunkingwithwolves.com Derrick Willis

    No worries, thanks for the compliament.