Back From Madison!

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The first piece of business I want to get down to is a public apology. I want say I am deeply sorry to Eddie Johnson. I am not sure if he ever even read my original post but I accidentally called him “Fast” Eddie Johnson. I actually never read or heard the story of the Eddie Johnson/Fast Eddie Johnson mixup until just the other day. I was doing a little research on Eddie’s years in Phoenix compared to Kurt Rambis’s years there. I was skimming over some stuff on Eddie and caught several mentions of “Fast” Eddie Johnson. I kind of skimmed over the aritcle and mistakingly assigned the nickname Fast. For that I am deeply sorry.

Now onto the business of the Wolves. Big Al came up big late in the Wolves win over Memphis. The Timberwolves have now won 4 straight and have two more games before the All-Star break. If they finish the Pre-All Star half of the season on a six game win streak I think the Wolves need to seriously consider making a trade.

Why do I say this? Because they are clearly finally picking up Kurt’s system and Kurt is clearly figuring out this roster. With that in mind they might be playing themselves out of a top 3 pick. Well after Wall, Turner, and perhaps Whiteside it is anyone’s guess who will get drafted where. Knowing that I would aggressively go after someone like Andre Iguodala.

I hate to cut this article short but I just got home and the Super Bowl is coming on. So we will talk much more about the trade deadline, the win streak, and the draft starting tomorrow.

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