Hotlanta Edges Minnesota 98-92

The Wolves played admirably last night. They were led by yet another double double from the Beach Boy. Ryan Hollins scored 18 but still can’t rebound. Jonny Flynn had a nice assist to turnover ratio. The team as a whole played fairly well. Big Al did not do much (10 pts, 4 reb). Where I think the Wolves lost the game though is in the rotation. Between Ramon Sessions, Darko, Wayne Ellington, and Sasha Pavlovic they had a combined 70 minutes and 0 points. 0 points in 70 minutes! I say again, 0 points in 70 minutes! Are you kidding me? The bench scored 34 points for the Wolves and normally you would think that was productive, but it wasn’t. Those 34 points came from two players (Kevin Love and Damien Wilkins) while the other 4 bench players scored a whopping 0 points in 70 minutes! Can I say 0 points in 70 minutes again? 0 points in 70 minutes! You know what? I am not even upset about that, that is amazing! In fact I think the next NBA “Where Amazing Happens” commercial should show their 13 bricks.

Moving on; I am sorry I did not have a preview for the game yesterday. I wrote it all up including some promotion for my buddy Kris Willis of Soaring Down South but unfortunately something went wrong with the post and it kept the info from the Miami game instead. He is one helluva blogger though and has a really good site. You should check it out. I did say in the preview though that I thought Josh Smith would have a huge night and he did. The Wolves just don’t have an answer for these types of players. I will say this to; I really like Atlanta’s team. I think this is their last opportunity to make a run at the finals because I don’t think they can bring Joe Johnson back but…..I like their squad. They have a nice balance of shooters, athleticism, youth, and experience. I really can’t say enough about them but maybe I am just biased because I was stationed in Georgia for about 5 years and grew to like them. Anyway that is all for now.

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  • KWillis

    Thanks for the plug but I am still a rookie blogger. Im interested though, what is the outside view of Joe Johnson as a player and whether or not he will resign with Atlanta. I want to read what you say before I tell you what I think.

  • Derrick Willis

    I know they are already sitting at 47 million going into next season without his contract on the books. He is likely going to want a 5 year mega million dollar deal. I also figure Steve Belkin didn’t want Joe Johnson originally and might not want to sign him for 5 years when at 29.

    As a player I love Joe johnson’s game. I think he is one of if not the most underrated GREAT player in the NBA.

  • KWillis

    Well the jury is out on Belkin’s involvement but I would say it is very minimal now and he won’t figure into the equation.

    Hawks GM Rick Sund when he talked to us made me feel like they are going to do whatever it takes to bring Joe back. The have positioned other contracts for that reason. Fact is the Hawks can offer Joe more money and years than anyone else and I think as long as they don’t fall on their face and Woodson returns that Joe will as well.

    The fear in Atlanta is that the Hawks might not be willing to throw the max at Joe which given his age is probably a smart decision. That said a team like the Knicks or the Bulls that whiffs on Wade, James, or Bosh may throw the Max at Joe. That is a concern. Chicago scares me and while Joe played for D’Antoni I don’t see him going to a loser at this stage in his career.

    I have had a lot of debate with other Hawks bloggers on this subject. The overwhelming vibe is that we can’t over pay to keep Joe. I personally am torn in the middle. I don’t want to see us fall back to the pack and I am afraid that without Joe we will fall back next year. However, you can’t get tied up with a bad contract and hurt the franchise in the future. Al Horford and Josh Smith are the future of this team.

    That said my gut tells me that if Woodson is back then Joe will be back.

  • Derrick

    And I agree with you that I don’t see Atlanta taking on a real bad contract, but someone else will. I think someone will pay him whatever it takes. We’ll see though. This offseason will be fun to watch.

  • KWillis

    No doubt that someone will offer him the max, but remember the Hawks could always give him more due to having his Bird Rights. So if he walks it will be because the Hawks chose to not offer as much.

    In the end it will be up to Joe if he wants to continue with what the Hawks are building or go somewhere and have to start over. That is why Chicago scares me because I think a Rose, Johnson backcourt would be really really good.

  • Derrick

    So let me ask you this; would you give him a max deal if you were the Hawks?