Sherron Collins Scouting Report

Overview: Sherron Collins is a tremendous leader and scorer. He has a nose for the basket. Sherron is strong and will not easily be pushed around even by a bigger PG. Unfortunately he is very stout and could stand to lose some weight. His arms are not very long and he is not very athletic. His weight, athleticism, and size are a bad combination in regards to projecting his defense at the next level. Sherron is much better at creating for himself than for others. He is a clutch performer with very good range. Overall I think Sherron might end up being a very good sparkplug off the bench, but I think the NBDL or Euroleague are in his immediate future. If Sherron is available in the 2nd round I think he would be a decent prospect worthy of stuffing in the NBDL for a while.

Strengths: Range, strength, leadership, scoring ability, basketball IQ, and will to win.
Weaknesses: Size, passing, ball handling, defense.

Comparable: Will Bynum

Big Board Ranking: 14

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  • tukmolerz

    why would the wolves want another PG?
    they are filled with it.. Rubio, Flynn, Sessions, and possibly Wall..
    now why draft this kid? so we could send him to NBDL?
    yep, he’s got decent game, but he does not fit with the wolves right now.. maybe in another teams blog..