Wolves Off-Season 2010: No. 4

It could have been worse – that’s what she said.

When expecting to get the No. 5 pick, I guess this an upgrade.  But I am disappointed that we could not crack the top three.  This now puts right in the middle of the DeMarcus Cousins debate and he is complicated, we will get into that more later.  Side-Note: I am happy that New Jersey didn’t get the No. 1 pick, maybe this will calm the LeBron talks in Brooklyn.

Here is the write-up from Timberwolves.com.

ESPN’s Chad Ford has Cousins as the No. 4 prospect and then Syracuse’s SF Wesley Johnson at No. 5, while the Big Board at NBAdraft.net has Georgia Tech’s PF Derrick Favors at No. 4 and Georgetown’s C Greg Monroe.

We will look at teams and their needs, speculate at the trade options, and ultimately which prospect will be the best fit and which player the team will actually choose.

For now, I am going to watch LOST.

  • Kevin C

    A couple of trade scenarios that have been running through my head since the lottery. Rubio to the Nets for Lopez. Nets get the franchise point they won’t be getting in Wall. Wolves fill a big need at the center position. The Nets can then take Cousins at three to fill the hole left by Lopez.

    Next trade. Jefferson to the sixers for Evan Turner (no. 2 pick) and Dalembert’s expiring contract. The sixers might not go for that since they have Brand under contract for a few more years. Then again they might because of how poorly Brand played last year. If they could pull this off it would give them enough cap space in 2011 free agency to add a max player to a solid young nucleus.

    I like Wesley Johnson but he plays the same position as Brewer so if the Wolves can’t move up for Turner they should think about moving down for Xavier Henry.

  • Daniel Damico

    I like your second option, but do they really need to trade Jefferson? The Sixers don’t need Turner – they have Holiday and AI, but would rather have Favors or Cousins. The Wolves could trade the No. 4 and cash or a second round pick, and get the No. 2. I would rather not give Rubio if we don’t have to, but he is an asset.

    Everything I am hearing is that the Wolves LOVE Turner but fully expect Rubio to be in MN in one year. His buy gets easier after this upcoming season.

  • Steve

    The Wolves don’t have to do any thing with any of their players. There’s no reason to deal until they see what’s available through the draft and freeagency. There will many teams looking for partners to help facilitate the sign and trade that are expected to occure. The Wolves can sit back and collect assets that come their way from teams that need to Trade for Lebron/Wade/Bosh/Boozer types.
    Collect your assets… see what you’ve got…. deal later when you have a Portland T-Blazers type roster. At that point you can determine not only what your roster looks like but also which players will/won’t fit your rotation.