And The Rumors Begin

The Wolves have only been the owners of  the 4th pick for a little over 24 hours, and already everyone is saying that David Kahn is checking-out all the other options.  He is such a player.

Here is the latest rumor from ESPN’s Chad Ford.  I swear I do not work for him, but this is his time to shine and he usually has some decent “inside info”.

Look for the Minnesota Timberwolves to make a strong play to trade up to No. 2. The Wolves are very, very high on Evan Turner. They feel his combination of versatility, scoring ability and court presence is the perfect fit for their young club.

The Philadelphia 76ers, on the other hand, aren’t a perfect fit for Turner. Andre Iguodala and Jrue Holiday are versatile guards who can defend multiple positions and handle the ball. And, like Turner, neither is a lights-out shooter.

With Minnesota pining hard for Turner, don’t be surprised to see the Wolves offer up the No. 4 and either the No. 16 or the No. 23 pick to Philly to move up two spots.  That would allow the Wolves to get the guy they’ve coveted all along in the draft and give the Sixers an extra pick and a shot at another guy they’re high on: Kentucky’s DeMarcus Cousins or Syracuse’s Wesley Johnson.

This could play out a couple of ways.

  1. The teams trade straight-up picks prior to the draft, you could have other players and cash involved.
  2. Or they do the whole wait and see if they actually make the correct picks and then trade hats – i.e. Stephon Marbury and Ray Allen or Randy Foye and Brandon Roy (bad trip down poor-decision-lane).

I do expect something to happen, but I don’t want to see Al Jefferson traded unless Philly demands it, and we shouldn’t have to trade the rights to Ricky Rubio either.  We have three first round picks, plus two in the second, and there are quality players in the 16-23 range.  I would love to walk out of this draft with Turner and Luke Babbitt, Xavier Henry, or James Anderson.  I’m sure I will like some other players, after “further inspection”.

Please feel free to submit your trade ideas as we move closer to the June 24th draft.

Side-Note: I heard David Kahn on the Dan Patrick show and Kahn completely believes that Rubio will be a Timberwolf after this up-coming season.  I hope he is right.  Here is the interview recap and the audio.

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  • Kevin C

    I heard that interview too. Thought it was pretty funny that Kahn called the lottery expierence hideous. As far as him saying Rubio will be playing for the Wolves he has to say that. If he publicly states that Rubio has noi interest in playing in Minnesota he loses all his leverage in trades. I want to believe Rubio will join the team in a year but I don’t see it happening.

    As far as trading Jefferson goes I don’t think he and love can play together. Neither of them provide a strong enough defensive presence in the paint. I would rather see them keep Love because he has such a unique skill set. Besides that he is being paid a lot less than Jefferson at this point. I say either trade Jefferson for a quality player at a position of need (i.e. defensive minded center, veteran point, or a scoring two) or an expiring contract and more draft picks/bench depth.

  • grover

    Good fun. (the guessing, not dropping to 4!).
    Wizards will take Wall.
    If Kahn can get #2 from Phili for the #4 and Rubio rights, then last years moves will have paid off. From what I see, Rubio will be enjoyable to watch off the bench in the NBA, but little chance of dominance.
    Unless someone’s offering the moon, Love should be kept – Baby Davis with an upside.
    Jefferson is currently our only true starter, and before his surgery one of the premier PFs – give him the time Amare had to come back to form. (His play excels with a tall bruiser next to him to make space; we need a Perkins).
    Turner is our guy.

  • Steve

    Rubio straight up for the #2 pick might be equal value, but certainly not in addition to #4 pick.
    Robio is every bit as important to the Wolves future as their 3 #1 picks combined. Rubio may not be John Wall…. but he probably will be the better player overall. Rubio could possibly lead the league in assists and also be on the NBA-def. team.
    Wall is not a ready made player… he has a few deficiencies (def./ball distributing). He’s an awesome athlete that needs to become a point guard.
    Rubio on the other hand already is a point guard that has proven he can lead a team.