Asking Price For The No. 2 Pick

The very popular Chad Ford wrote today about the supposed asking price for the Sixers No. 2 pick on ESPN’s TrueHoop Blog. NBA: Bucks vs 76ers JAN 27

A number of teams have already looked into the availability of the Philadelphia 76ers’ No. 2 pick in the June 24 draft.

The asking price? Several sources said they were told that the Sixers want their trade partner to take Elton Brand off their hands. Good luck with that. With Brand set to earn $51 million over the course of the next three years, he’s virtually impossible to trade.

As much as teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves, for instance, love Evan Turner, I don’t think they love him that much.

The trade would work out in one of two ways;

  • A combo of Jefferson ($12M), any other player on the roster, and the No. 4 pick  for Brand ($14.5) and the No. 2 pick.  The salaries match-up.  You can try it with ESPN’s NBA Trade Machine.
  • Or Jefferson and the No. 4 pick for Samuel Dalembert ($12M) and the No. 2 pick.

Holy Crap!  Say goodbye to Al Jefferson everyone.  I find it hard believe the Sixers actually feel they make this happen.  I am also worried that the Wolves will jump into this deal just to land Turner.

Let’s look at the first option with Brand.  Brand is 31, his production has decreased every season since 2005-06 to his lowest career totals of 13.1 ppg and 6.1 rpg, and his contract is not in line with how he is playing.

Let’s look at the finances.

Based on the rookie salary scale and as the No. 2 pick, Turner would make of $3.8M next season and with Brand’s contract at $16M, we are look at a wash with Jefferson ($13M), Ryan Gomes ($3.9M) and the No. 4 pick with a salary at $3.1M.

End result for the Wolves?

  • Being proactive = positive.
  • Salary Cap = wash.
  • Talent difference going into next season = negative.
  • Overall take away for the Wolves = not enough to consider this deal.

With only one pick in this year’s draft, the Sixers don’t have a lot of assets to offer and adding another player would throw the money off and the trade would not happen.  If the Sixers are willing to offer their 2011 first-round pick in the deal, I would consider this a real possibility.  But in it’s current form, I really do not see this happening.

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  • Kevin C

    The sixers got no hand. No way should the Wolves take on Brand’s contract. The sixers are playing hardball right now. Wait until we’re a little closer to draft day and see if they’re willing to negotiate.

  • Me

    You don’t need to trade anyone with Al for Brand.
    The salary’s have to be within 125%, so Al’s 12 million is worth up to 15 million in trade. Brand is paid 14.8 million.

  • Daniel Damico

    You are right “Me”. I completely forgot about 125% “rule.”
    Even so, I am not sure Al and No.4 (Cousins or Johnson)for Brand and No.2 (Turner)is worth it. Jefferson is only 25 and is still recovering from a massive knee injury. Brand is on his way out.

  • Kevin C

    I read an article that suggest the Wolves trade Jefferson and the 16th or 23rd pick for Brand and 2nd. I still don’t think it’s worth taking on Brand’s contract. Like I said before. Be patient. The Sixers will budge. If for no other reason than they don’t need Turner. They have two quality SG already. If they can pick up a second first rounder and only move down two spots they’ll do it. Call their bluff Kahn. You already know their hand.

  • Paul

    The Brand contract kills all of the work from the previous season of clearly cap-space. What about a Jefferson (and maybe 16 or 23) for pick 2 trade. We get Turner & Cousins and we have cap-space to go for Gay.

  • Daniel Damico

    I don’t want to trade Jefferson period. and if i had to to do it, I don’t wouldn’t want tie up the franchise to an aging veteran making even more money.

    Brand, who is 31, will make $16M, $17M, and $18M(non-guaranteed) the next three years and had careers lows in points and rebounds last season.
    While Jefferson, is only 25 and will make $13M, $14M, and $15M in that same time, averaged 17ppg and 9rpg.

    I have more fear that Minnesota will make this deal because they want Turner, but they need to wait. Like Kevin C said, we know their hand, and of course the Sixers are going to ask for a lot, because they want to get the best deal possible and see what teams willing offer.

  • Kevin C

    Another reason not to take on Brand’s contract is the possibility of a hard-cap when the new CBA is negotiated. If we have Brand’s salary on the books at the time we wouldn’t be able to resign players like Love and Brewer.

  • Steve

    The reason you don’t give in to Brand and the #2 pick is because you have a team game plan and you stick to it. You make smart, fundementally correct decisions using the Thunders model of team building. If you take on the Brand deal it could lead to more chance risk taking similar to before Garnett traded. We don’t need to become the “Clippers Midwest”. McHale is gone and so should be his methods.

  • Paul

    Steve makes some good points. I think the issue that needs to be addressed is can Love & Jefferson co-exist together on a 50 win/playoff team. I, think, sadly, we know the answer is NO. If they could, then the Turner trade is easier to make because you know who your bigs are for the next 5+ years. So, do we need to break up Big Al & K.Love?

  • Daniel Damico

    Paul, so then who goes? Love or Jefferson?

  • mark

    I think they should deal jefferson the sixtenth pick and ryan gomes for the second pick. This would give the sixers a low post scorer, an expiring contract and a mid first round draft pick. If we could somehow get both the number 4 and 2 picks, we could draft turner and cousins and have a one-two threat for years!!

  • Kevin C

    So who should we take back for Jefferson. Dalambert in a salary dump. I don’t think we need to trade Jefferson or Love to get the two. It depends a lot on what other teams are offering but the four and16 should be enough. I’m not against trading Jefferson but I’d rather see him moved for a quality veteran.

  • Steve

    The Wolves don’t have to rush to trade either Love or AL Jefferson…. what? Is going stop prevent us from winning 50 games this season? Hold on to both until were dealing more from a position of strength or a team offers a deal worth doing. Teams are a bit more desperate after an injury or at the trade deadline.
    Wolves need to keep stock piling talent until they either hit it big with a draft pick or have the pieces to bring in stud player. It might take some time yet…. or it might happen to be Rubio is the player to change things.

  • james

    here’s the thing, minny fans… the sixers hold ALL the cards, they need turner. they need a franchise player, they need a SG. turner is a sg, may be a franchise player. so either you take brand and offer great value for the 2 pick, or there’s no deal. no wiggle room, don’t care if you think it’s ridiculous, there’s the guidelines. you are more than welcome to walk away.

  • Steve

    Here’s the thing Jeff… your team has 2 horrible contracts (#1 signed to a player that had just ruptured his achilles (Brand)and #2 to a average wing player with an attitude problem (Iggy). Philly needs a star of their own and they already have wing players. That being said the 76ers will select Favors with their pick if they keep it. The cards aren’t that great James… your team team won’t dig out of this mess easily or any time soon.

  • Steve

    Besides Jeff…. it’s not your decision to make any way.

  • Steve

    Jeff is a better name… it makes you sound like less of a sissy than James does.

  • Kevin C

    Philly does need a franchise player. That’s why I think they may go with Cousins. He may have the biggest upside of anyone in the draft.

  • Steve

    Cousins is nuts…. some team will take a chance on him and he’ll bounce around the NBA like a hot potato. He proved he was an idiot at the Chicago camp. He’s expected to be like Beasley or Rasheed Wallace.

  • Kevin C

    Rasheed I can live with. At least he produced. Beasley, not so much.

  • Paul

    Wow, the conversation is moving now. My original question should have been do we NEED to move on Jefferson or Love? What if we don’t and we draft Cousins. Then what? We’ll be stock piling bigs.

  • John

    I do not believe both Jefferson and love will be able to be together because you cant have one of them at center. Love wants to start as does Jefferson. Jefferson i believe gives us the biggest trading chip and the reason i would want to give rid of him is because he is a couple years older than Love. I think they both are garbage on defense (rebounding is separate) on the block most PF or C can power over them and/or blow right by them. As for trading, I do not want brands contract but what about just trading him for a middle first round pick (about 10-15 or 17)? or for future draft considerations?

  • Sip Sip

    The Twolves need to make some major trades and get some good young talent…..we need to get someone like durant who will lead the team and score….i think evan will be great fit for a young team with some scoring problems….keep love….trade jefferson…take a shoot at amare or bosh in the off season