Rumor Central: Possible Trade For Michael Beasley

This is from a live chat with ESPN’s Chris Sheridan when “William”, from Minnesota, asked Sheridan this question;

Chris, you mentioned the possibility of Beasley being traded in Miami. Any chance a trade between the Wolves and the Heat could happen? Kahn is looking for a young star. [Michael] Beasley still have potential…

Then Sheridan responded;

There are two teams that I believe might take on Beasley in what would be a lopsided cap-clearing trade for the Heat that could be agrred to by June 30 but could not be announced until the new cap is set July 8: Minnesota and New Jersey. Both are going to have loads of cap room, and neither is a particularly attractive destination for free agents. The solution: Acquire players via trade into their cap space. Example A: Miami offers Beasley, Cook, James Jones, $3 million and a future No. 1 to Wolves for basically nothing. The Heat thereby clear all their contracts and get their payroll down to zero (besides Wade), and Minny gets the No. 2 pick of the ’08 draft and a future No. 1.

I have to do a little checking to see how this is possible for the Wolves to give “basically nothing” and get Beasley, Dequean Cook, and James Jones AND a future first-round pick from Miami.  While this sounds intriguing, this specific deal ties the Wolves financial to Beasley and Cook for two years, and Jones for four years.

Side-NoteWho the HELL signed James Jones to a $4M a year contract?!?!?  I know Miami signed him as a free agent, but that is ridiculous.

That is a total of $10M for those players this season alone and even more next years when the team will look to sign Ricky Rubio.  The Wolves have about $21M in cap space right now with only eight players under contract.

You add the $4.47M for the three first round picks, based on the rookie salary structure, and the $10M from this deal, the Wolves have just over $6.5M left to sign players.

I have a post coming when we get closer to the draft which will look at the financial situation of the Wolves, but that is the very short version.

I would like this rumor more if it did not include Jones, but I am sure that is something Miami will demand.

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  • Dr. Lay-Up

    The only Jones that warrants that kinda bank is Star Jones……..and after her weight loss, I don’t think she can still battle in the post like she used to; however I heard she is working at becoming a defensive spealist, with an emphasis on blocking/demoralizing would be tea-bag dunkers! My sources are confidential…but I will say that they work in the Pentagon….cleaning windows…and doors…with windows in them (they clean the window part of the door)….and their names are Hank Timmons and Thomas Chesterfield….and they enjoy a good game of croquet while sipping on lemonade. :/

  • Kevin C

    Why do small market teams keep helping large market teams clear cap space. They already have an advantage in free agency. Look at the situation in LA. They got Gasol for free and now there is talk of a sign and trade for Bosh and all they would lose is Bynum. Does Toronto really believe Bynum will help them be competitive. The state of the NBA is ridiculous right now and something needs to change. A hard cap needs to be put in place to level the playing field. Also the Bird rule should be eliminated. If a player wants to stay with a small market team it should be out of loyalty or chemistry. Not because they can offer him the most money.

  • Paul

    How long is the James contract? According to Hoopshype its all team options.

  • Daniel Damico

    Paul – I looked at a couple sites, and saw the same thing on Hoopshype, but nothing that is rock solid.
    That would be more interesting.