Rumor Central: Wolves Likely To Trade Either Flynn Or Sessions

The Wolves signed free agent Luke Ridnour to a four-year, $16 Million dollar deal this week, and based on quotes from David Kahn, this will not be the last move concerning the point guards.

“It’s not my intent to have three healthy point guards on the roster, and I was very clear with Luke about that,” Kahn said. “I recognize that we have to alleviate the situation.”

Jonny Flynn has been sidelinded with a hip injusry and his status will dictate what Kahn can do.  But the point guard spot is very full right now and why would you want to over load the point guard position when you have the Spanish Messiah coming next season in Ricky Rubio.

I don’t think you can trade Flynn – he was the No. 6 pick a season ago and his first season had it’s ups and downs, but I would never think of trading Flynn.  Unless you get a great offer – so never say ever.

David Kahn quotes are from Ray Richardson’s article at

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