Timberwolves, GM Kahn Fined $50K For 'Pot' Shot

Timberwolves GM David Kahn has been fined $50K for comments made about Michael Beasley’s use of marijuana.  Pretty sure that is the first I have typed that word of this blog.  Now I can cross that off the list.

Here is a portion of Kahn’s comments:

“He’s a very young and immature kid who smoked too much marijuana and has told me that he’s not smoking anymore,” Kahn said in he interview, “and I told him that I would trust him as long as that was the case.”

Kahn is one of those guys who has the ability to say things he probably should not say, gets reprimanded but then doesn’t care – I am cool with that.   The league also fined the organization another $50K.

Here is the full article from ESPN.com.

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