Supermen! Skin Tight Jerseys For All Star Game

Source: Yahoo Sports

Take a look at these bad boys. I wish I could have been involved in the meeting where it was decided that having these available to every player involved in the All Star game. I know they thought this through and said “think about how it would be to see Dwight Howard in this jersey with muscle upon muscle on display!” I’m not going to say this discussion did or did not go to certain places, but if I were involved, I would have made Eddy Curry be a part of the photo shoot. He would be standing right next to D-Rose, showing how not all players involved in the NBA look like they have been roiding up since age 8. Roses six pack right next to Curry’s keggerator. I can’t think of anything that would have gotten the point across any better. If Kevin Love does in fact make the All Star team, I say we start a petition to have him wear one of these jerseys. Not because he carries around a keg all day, but because it would prove a point to the league that normal looking guys in these kinds of jerseys look ridiculous. It’s fine to have these types of shirts underneath the jersey, but jerseys are there to show your affiliation and dedication to the team. To make them skin tight takes that away, and makes them more about the individual. But, then again, that seems to be what the NBA has been driving towards for the better half of the past 20 years.

Kevin, if you are reading this, you HAVE to wear this jersey if you’re selected to the game!

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