No Yao? Love It


Before Friday’s embarrassment of a basketball game in Toronto, Kevin Love and the state of Minnesota got a little pick-me-up from commissioner David Stern. Stern chose Love as the injury replacement for the injured Yao Ming, who was selected by the fans to start in the All Star Game at center. With Yao out, Popovich gets to select who starts in the game now (Most likely his BFF Duncan), but Love was just elated to be in the game he himself didn’t think he would make after being snubbed one day earlier by the coaches.

“I’m very humbled and I was extremely surprised. I didn’t know what to think, I was just kind of sitting there and (Rambis) stuck out his hand. I was like, is he for real? I didn’t know because I didn’t know when the announcement was going to be made; I had no texts on my phone – nothing. Like I said, truly humbled.”

Love had a truly Minnesotan sports-fan mindset towards this whole situation, as he didn’t think Stern would give him a chance to make the game he has been playing for since the Wolves fell out of contention for the playoffs (was that in October?). However, Stern must have thought the average fan now knows who Love is in order to put him into the NBA’s second largest revenue building event behind the Playoffs. This new brings excitement to the Wolves organization, which hasn’t had national relevance since they dealt Kevin Garnett away in 2007.

In all likelihood, Love won’t play a major role in the game on February 20th, but hopefully he is able to get a highlight reel rebound in the minor minutes he plays. Well, since there has never been a rebound on SportsCenter, all of us Wolves fans will just have to hope Love can just not embarrass us out there.

Congratulations Kevin Love!

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