Wolves Fall To Clippers

Source: A.P. via Yahoo Sports

Blake Griffin wins the Love-Griffin battle once again. Love went for 18 and 18 in only 32 minutes tonight due to an injury in the first half. Griffin carried his team streaking from fast break to fast break en route to a 29 and 8 performance that led his Clippers out ahead early, and they led by a considerable amount the entire way.

Source: A.P. via Yahoo Sports

Surprising for the Clippers was the play of the ex-Wolves tonight. Gomes and Foye both came up big for their new team with 18 and 21 points respectively. While the Wolves did make a game of this one down the stretch, Gomes was able to nail a dagger 3 in the final minute to put the Wolves away for good.

For the first time in 3 games Darko was not the leading shooter for the Wolves thank you jeebus. That man tonight was Wayne Ellington. Although he did not make a single two pointer tonight, it was his threes that got the Wolves back within striking distance at the end of the game. Wayne went 5-7 from three, en route to an 18 point game. the only problem with that is Wayne also went 0-8 on two point shots, obviously taking notes from our starters during our game in Indianapolis the other night..

Beasley and Flynn sat this game out, which most likely compounded with the Wolves recent shooting woes to give us a 35% shooting night tonight. Since the Clippers hit at a 45% clip, it’s amazing this team was in the game at the end.

The Wolves have been putrid these last 4 games, and the All Star break is coming at just the right time to stop the bleeding. The Wolves players and fans can all sit back this weekend, talk about the NBA as a whole coming together, maybe throw in some trade talk, and relax. But then, next Monday it is all business once again. The Wolves play in Milwaukee on Tuesday, and then host Memphis next Wednesday.

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