Kevin Love Voted Top 5 Players Under 25


By GQ Magazine. Kevin has had a monumental season, and I don’t want to take away from this “accomplishment”… but I don’t think GQ’s list is very good.

Their 5 includes Blake Griffin, Stephen Curry, Brandon Jennings, Kevin Love, and Derrick Rose.

Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose make sense. Griffin is on the rise to stardom and Rose is already there. The biggest problem I have with this list is they left out the best player under 25 in the league. Kevin Durant (22). To have that large of an omission makes the list seem inappropriate at least, and borderline offensive (which could be said about Jennings’ inclusion as well).

Instead of going on about how embarrassing their list is (and man is it embarrassing), I’ve compiled my top 5. Here it is:

1. Kevin Durant
2. Derrick Rose
3. Kevin Love
4. Rajon Rondo
5. Blake Griffin

I think these are EASILY the top 5 players. However, how you rank them from there is a bit tougher. I went with a “what have you proven to me” stance, knowing that with young players that is hard for them to prove much in their short NBA stay. As far as ceilings for the future I would still say the top 2 stay the same while Griffin moves up to the third spot, and Rondo moves to 5th. Kevin Love, in my mind has the 4th highest ceiling of anyone in the NBA that is under 25 years of age. Pretty impressive for an unathletic chubby white boy according to the Love-haters.

  • neo

    This is one of the few T-wolves sites that tries to be objective, rather than complain about our record. I thank you for that.

    As far as the top 5 in the NBA its hard to rank them. I agree with 4 of the picks. Rajon Rondo would in my top ten rather than top 5, but he deserves some recognition.

    If they all are the top five this is how Id rank them:
    1) Kevin Durant. He is great. There is a reason why the fans picked him to start at the all star game.
    2) Derrick Rose. He is a hard choice for number too because they are all good. I put him there because his team is doing better than the next two.
    3) Kevin Love. This is where you and I disagree. I think 3rd is about right. This is mostly because I think Blake and Kevin are about equal but Kevin is a better sport and less of a ball hog. If I could I’d put 2 at 3 and add another to get 5 spots.
    4) Blake Griffin. He gets 4 mostly for being a bad winner. He hasn’t won that much so hopefully its just because the Clippers have only won 21, but some of his behavior when he is winning is disturbing. Kevin Love doesn’t do that and neither does Kevin Durant.
    5) Rajon Rondo. I think he is good enough to be recognized, but not in the same league as the other 4.

    • Matthew P.C. Holmquist

      Thanks neo, I try to stay away from the negativity since we get enough of that from watching the games.

      I went through the same thought process as you regarding Rondo, but after looking through all the recent drafts, there just aren’t many players that can put up ridiculous stats like Rajon can. He is a triple double threat every night. I know common thought about him is that his numbers have to do with his teammates, but I commend him for seeing that opportunity and making the best of it, much like Kevin Love is making the best of being on a terrible team.
      Thanks for reading the blog, and keep the comments coming!