Timberwolves Need A Green Alternate Jersey

The Minnesota Timberwolves have long been behind the times byNBA standards with their alternate jerseys over the years.  And for us jersey lovers out there, it has been more annoying that watching Wally Szczerbiak power-high five his teammates after every “big” shot that he made.  Who reacts like this, in public no less!  Somehow I don’t blame KG for decking him the behind the schenes that one year.  

The Timberwolves only last year brought back their black alternate jerseys, and for years did not introduce a ‘throwback” jersey for the fans to enjoy.  In professional sports, it’s practically required these days to have a few alternate options for your team’s jersey.  It not only greatly appeals to the fans, but also can increase your marketing revenue.   The Timberwovles across the street counterpart Minnesota Twins have arguably one of the Top 5 jersey selections in Major League Baseball.  For at least a decade, they have experiemented with different color options for their jerseys and hats, as well as a few different designs for their jersey tops. 

The answer for the Timberwolves (should they introduce a new jersey anytime soon) is green jersey.  The above example is a green alternate to the blue throwback jersey they currently support.  Perhaps, some genius in the Timberwolves marketing department could entice adidas (or whoever) to come up with a more modern green alternate jersey for the team.   The Timberwolves could wear the jerseys every Christmas and St. Patrick’s day at the very least.   There are only 2 current NBA teams who wear green as part of their regular color scheme:  The Celtics and the Bucks.   The league needs more green!   The Bulls, Knicks, and Raptors have all been sporting green jerseys for St. Patty’s day and Christmas for a few years now.  And they have been a marketing hit!   The Timberwovles could easily get on board with this as green is part of their team color scheme.

That’s my irrelevant rant for the day.  On a side note, everyone have a Merry Christmas.  As Ricky Rubio tweeted “feliz navidad!”   Does anyone else have a man crush on him yet?   Ricky, you have inspired me to post the “Greatest Christmas Taco” commercial of all-time:  Taco John’s Feliz Navidad.   Touches the heart every time!

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