March 28, 2012; Charlotte, NC, USA; Minnesota Timberwolves guard Luke Ridnour (13) during a time out in the game against the Charlotte Bobcats at Time Warner Cable Arena. Timberwolves win 88-83. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-US PRESSWIRE

Luke Ridnour And Derrick Williams On The Trading Block

Throughout the 2012 NBA Off-Season for the Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Luke Ridnour hasn’t been thrown around yet and now, alongside second year swingman Derrick Williams who already has been rumored countless times to be in the trading block, has both been rumored/reported to soon be traded to an unknown team for unknown players.

Go around the net and you’ll basically find the same thing here saying “unknown team for unknown players”. The news came out when ESPN contributor Darren Wolfson reported about this possible deal.

According to Wolfson, he believes that the Timberwolves are trying to trade for Cleveland Cavaliers forward Anderson Varejao who is currently competing the 2012 London Olympics for Brazil.

Williams throughout the off-season has always been in all the rumors surrounding any of the Timberwolves trades and movements. I remember he was rumored to be traded alongside multiple Timberwolves for Los Angeles Lakers big man Pau Gasol, but that obviously never happened or will in my opinion.

In my opinion, I’m 100% fine with Luke Ridnour leaving, although I would also be fine with him staying as he is a better point guard scorer than Ricky Rubio. However, the Timberwolves still have J.J Barea who has been slightly forgotten due to nagging injuries last season. The Wolves currently are also packed in the guard spot with the new addition to Brandon Roy.

Derrick Williams on the other hand is a player I don’t want to see go so soon. We haven’t seen yet his full talents in a game. He has only played one season in the NBA and I expect him to be a different player this upcoming NBA regular season. He’ll be more aggressive, more confident with his game, and most of all help the Timberwolves make the playoffs.

Now, the rumors of adding hard working/annoying forward Anderson Varejao in exchange for Ridnour and Williams is very much questionable and something I will have to despise David Kahn for doing. The forward position has obviously been taken hold by All-Star forward Kevin Love, but his back-up guy is still not certain. Derrick Williams is not a power forward in my opinion but a small forward. Nikola Pekovic is the starting center and has already found a back-up in newly signed big man Greg Stiemsma. Varejao may be one of the better subs for Love, but the players the Wolves are going to get rid off in exchange for his talents does not even out.

None of these things are for certain but I am excited to see how much more solid off-season moves can the Timberwolves can pull off.


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  • Timberpups

    How is Derrick Williams not a PF? Did you not watch last season or even this summer league? Despite losing weight, he is still a PF. His skill set and agility is not yet suited for SF, at all.

  • JB

    they better not . this would be just stupid .

  • swami.wolf

    This trade is to early but the team need size and find a back up BIG for Love and Varejao is an underrated defender and would be a good addition than Derrick/Luke but they should do this trade when Rubio comes back or do this at the trade deadline or add Jeremy Pargo and Kelenna Azubuike or Omri Casspi into the mix.

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  • Tim Maland

    Dwill is a stretch 4. While he can drop weight and improve his defense guarding 3′s, he’ll never have the handle to play the position. If they were to make this ‘rumored’ trade, we’d (the wolves) better get a pick or two back as well, but I’d suspect a DWill trade will happen at the deadline…

  • Larz Larzen

    At least Luke can shoot. Who do we have in the guard slot that can shoot? Only Luke. Bad Trade. and throw in Williams, too? Even worse trade.

  • Tom McPhail

    Ridiculous to trade DWill. Even Wes Johnson got two seasons – and the opportunity to start. Williams is the main reserve behind Love, if Love goes down, we’d need DWill big time. Wolves have too many “3″s and not enough “5″s – but dont trade away such potential as Williams – #2 draft picks don’t happen along often. This reminds me of the Minnesota Twins determining that David Ortiz – “Big Papi” – was not a big time player. Tom Kelly is still red-faced over that fiasco. Be terrible if the Wolves give up on what may become an All-Star. Kids only 21! Kahn – relax, the log-jam will settle itself as injuries take their toll. Have ya forgotten last season already?