Here We Go Again

David Sedaris tells a story in one of his books about his sister Amy. The thing about his books is they kind of wear you down to accept his mode of thinking. Like a good stand-up comic, he makes you have to adjust to his perspective. The point is, he gets you to where you suspend any questioning of situations — no matter how morbid, fantastic or ridiculous he wants you to believe they are — you just accept them and laugh your ass off.

In this particular story (I am sure to butcher), a magazine names his sister one of New York’s most beautiful women. She shows up to the photo shoot and has the make-up artist make her look battered and beaten. After the photos for her feature and after the shoot, she gets on the subway to head home. She’s riding with her head down and a lady (I picture June Cleaver or the Mom from That 70’s Show) asks her in a concerned tone if she’s alright. Amy Sedaris looks up tearfully, revealing all of the garish wounds on her face, smiles painfully wide and says, “WE’RE IN LOVE!!!”

To me, that’s what it means to be a Timberwolves fan.

The only picture I could find.



Important to note that that story is dark, and in telling it, I am in no way endorsing any kind of abuse. End disclaimer.

My favorite knee-jerk reactions:

Here we go again: Ridnour is playing (somewhat) hurt. Even when he is healthy, he is a less than pedestrian defender who, in theory, gives his team an advantage by being a superior offensive player.

Fix-it-now dealmaking: He needs to be packaged with our one seemingly valuable asset, Derrick Williams, for a 3-point shooter capable of defending the perimeter (Jared Dudley) or at least a shooter (JJ Redick).

Paranoia: Chemistry concerns, after Love’s surprise return two games ago. Is Love going to become capable of impersonating Vlade Divac, Chris Webber or even Brad Miller in the high post? What if it never works out? What if he can’t work with Pek and AK? What if L.A. offers him all their cap space?

When the season is only 11 games old, you’ve been forced to shuffle out the biggest pieces of the lineup and make do, you’ve put some back in again, while still waiting on the one piece that makes the most sense of them all — if the ship is still afloat and you are in hysterics, were you ready to burn it down from the start?

Wolves fans: Are you the beaten spouse or the actor playing one?

The road doesn’t get easier for Ridnour. Chris Paul, Brandon Jennings and Aaron Brooks await. There is a reprieve in the schedule shortly after, allowing for practice time and chemistry building all along the way. Perhaps Love can learn to get a hand up in a jump-shooter’s face and Ricky will be a day closer to returning.

Until then, all the bandwagoning doofuses wearing sombreros can go back to being Lakers fans (after their slow start, I heard they hired a coach to make it all better and Nash could be back soon!), assuming that’s where they came from.

The rest of us should just breathe in some patience, this is not last year’s Wolves squad. This isn’t the last 5 years of Wolves squads. This is an injured animal that hasn’t learned to run yet. Here’s to your health.

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