Jan 18, 2013; Dallas, TX, USA; Oklahoma City Thunder small forward Kevin Durant (35) comes off the court during the second half against the Dallas Mavericks at the American Airlines Center. The Thunder defeated the Mavericks in overtime 117-114. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Week 11: NBA Power Rankings

Welcome to the week 11 Dunking with Wolves NBA Power Rankings.   JJ Glenn breaks down every NBA team this week and through out the .
This Week Last Week Team Notes
1 1 Oklahoma City They have the best win   percentage in the NBA. The inside game of the Thunder has been good, the   bench has been right on par without Harden. Scotty Brooks has proven to be a   good coach, if you need to take this team in a 7 game series against anyone   in the west. I like the Thunder.
2 2 L.A. Clippers The Clippers have a deep bench   with lots of talent. This team will use the bench to cruise to the post   season. Knowing Del Negro and a rash of questionable coaching decisions in   the past, don’t count me as one of the believers this team will be a post season   threat. Jordan and Griffin neither have a jump shot, if they don’t get a lob;   they have a hard time scoring.
3 3 San Antonio The Spurs are getting the young   players more minutes and experience. Parker has been having a great season,   and Duncan is playing at an all-star level again this year.
4 4 Heat LeBron should be the MVP of the   league again this year. Just hit the youngest to 20,000 points milestone.   They have no inside game and in their losses, it has been glaringly evident.   The outside shooting has never been better, but the inside game has never   been worse.
5 8 Denver The Nuggets have finally hit   that part of the schedule where they are evening out their home games. The   Nuggets have also seemed to be getting everyone on the same page. They run,   play defense and have an inside game. The Nuggets have shaken off the early   season rust and playing closer to the early season expectations.
6 5 Memphis Despite all of the trade rumors,   the Grizz are still playing the same punishing defense. Latest rumor is they   would be more likely to move Z-Bo before Gay. Knowing Hollinger is helping   run that team, I don’t feel I am the proper authority to question personnel   decisions.
7 6 Golden State The upstart Warriors have cooled   off a bit over their last 10 games, they have played .500 ball. Curry’s   injuries have shown how important he is to that team. If he needs to miss   time or isn’t close to 100% come playoff time the team will struggle to make   any noise beside a 1st round sweep.
8 7 New York Knicks The Knicks are .500 over their   last 10. Melo is no longer fasting. Shumpert is back, but he is still a   second year player. Sheed may be gone the rest of the season, and “ball   don’t lie” he really helped the team. One thing is for sure, if all of   this is the STAT effect, then him being traded before the Feb deadline would   be the best thing to help the team.
9 9 Indiana The Pacers are still playing   solid basketball. The team has seen everyone forming their own identity and   they are still without Granger. He will be coming back for the post season,   if this team can ease him back into the lineup rather than need him in the   lineup, they will be a tough outcome post season.
10 12 Brooklyn The Nets and PJ are playing to   the level the preseason projections had them. 8-2 over their last 10 and now   all the way up to the 4th in the East. The Nets still struggle on the road,   8-9. Some of it may be the new offensive sets PJ has installed; the fact of   the matter will be if this team can sustain it.
11 11 Chicago The Bulls have continued to play   with the same calling card defense this season. The offense has struggled,   93.8 points a game for 25th in the NBA. Rose can help that, and he is ramping   up workouts. All signs would point to him returning right after the all-star   break.
12 14 Boston Avery Bradley may have been just   what the Celtics needed. By having him in the starting lineup, it has allowed   for Lee and Terry to move to the bench. The post is still the glaring need.   Sullinger has been solid, should move into the starting lineup, Chris Wilcox   will be back and that should help the front line.
13 17 Utah The Jazz’s front court is one of   the best in the league. The back court is what is in question. They miss Mo,   and if they make a move before the trade deadline, it will be for help in the   backcourt. And that would only make this pretty strong team even stronger.
14 15 Portland The Blazers have had a great   rookie in Lillard, JJ Hickson is having a good year, but the bench has been   horrible. If this team is to make the post season, it will be for experience   only. This team is still missing a lot of pieces and this is still just a   team building.
15 13 Houston The Rockets may have hit a wall.   They have gone 3-7 in their last 10 games. The Rockets are involved in about   every trade deal for a possible power forward. They seem to be in a win now   mode. This team has youth and a lot to build on. But this team seems to want   to do what it takes to win now.
16 16 Milwaukee The Bucks may have also hit a   wall. The Bucks coaching change hasn’t been as successful for them as for   some of the other teams this season. With some questions about the back court   and long term contracts this team will be interesting to watch come the trade   deadline.
17 10 Atlanta The Hawks have fallen upon hard   times. 2-8 over their last 10, and Josh Smith was suspended for a game. He is   now on top of many peoples lists as the most likely to be moved. Where will   he go and what will the Hawks get for him. Danny Ferry has been unpredictable   at times and this seems to be one of those times.
18 18 Minnesota The Wolves might have gotten the   support they needed in the forms of Chris Johnson D-League superhero and   Mickael Gelabale Euro League savior. They dominated the Wolves 4th quarter   against the Rockets. It is one game so there I won’t get too far ahead of   myself, but the energy and hustle they played with is what had been missing.   As Dwill sat on the bench and watched 2 players play for an extension in   crunch time, it may spur something in him too.
19 19 L.A. Lakers It will be fun when the Lakers   should be officially out of it. Until then let’s talk about the Lakers.   Dwight returned after sitting out, and looked to have some of his old   dominance, Kobe was ball hawking, but it was against sub .500 teams and when   they finally ran into the Heat they showed they still have long way to go.   Kobe even admitted it. They will be players before the trade deadline, but   for who and what will be the intriguing part.
20 20 Philadelphia The Sixers have struggled this   entire season. They haven’t had Bynum, which has been a big loss. Will he be   back in soon enough to help the team make a push for the post season? They   are 3.5 games out of the 8th seed right now.
21 21 Toronto The Raps have shown they don’t   need Andrea, getting his minutes to players who are capable of playing has   already been a help. The Raptors are being mentioned in a lot of trades. But   there is a lot of pieces this team could use. 1 player doesn’t seem to be all   they need.
22 22 Detroit The Pistons have gone 6-4 in   their last 10 games. They have said they won’t be making any moves come the   trade deadline, but one of the main problems is who can tell what direction   this team is trying to go. It’s very confusing to know what Dumars is doing   with this team
23 23 Dallas The Mavs are 5-5 over their last   10, they are only 3.5 back of 8th in the West, and The Bank of Cuban is now   open for business. I haven’t heard who or what they are planning to do except   HOPE for the delivery of some off season max contract players, Dwight Howard.   That’s great for next season, but won’t help them make a push for the   playoffs this season.
24 25 New Orleans The Hornets played with a lot of   energy when Gordon returned. They are still 6-4 over their last 10. Kevin   Garnett has endorsed Anthony Davis. The Hornets will be good, just not this   season.
25 24 Sacramento The Kings are in limbo. The   management won’t make any moves until everything has been signed off on and   is official with the league. This team needs to know who is in charge, what   the direction is going to be and what this team’s identity is going to be moving   forward.
26 26 Orlando The Magic SHOULD be a player   come the trade deadline, but they need to be a seller. This team is a Hodge   Podge of the old regime. Hennigan needs to know what direction he wants to go   and use this off season with as many pieces as he can get to get there.
27 27 Phoenix The Suns will see what a new   coach can help them do, problem is Babby is still the POBO. 3 days and   finally an interim head coach in place. A bad roster and from the outside   looking in, no road map in place to get them to a better team than they   currently are.
28 28 Cleveland Irving and Co. will be good, in   time. It isn’t going to be this year. Chris Grant is building what should be   a good team in the next couple years, this just isn’t the year.
29 29 Charlotte The Cats are a team in   rebuilding mode, they have pieces in the back court, but they also have the   worst point diff in the league. There is a lot of work to do, but they also   won more game this year than last year.
30 30 Washington D.C With John Wall and Bradley Beal   in the backcourt this team would seem to have the back court of the future,   Nene is a good piece in the front court. Booker will help when he is back a   will be a big help at the 4. This team will not be here at the 30 spot for   much longer.

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