Jun 21, 2011; Minneapolis, MN, USA: Minnesota Timberwolves president David Kahn answers a question during a press conference at Target Center. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Timberwolves Season Ticket Beg-a-thon


That time of year has been upon us for awhile, but now the time has come where President of Basketball Operations David Kahn makes his personal plea via phone call to existing season ticket holders to re-up their financial commitment to their favorite professional basketball squad.

Not being a season ticket holder myself, I can glibly point out the justification for prematurely ending season ticket discount rates. The pretense of patrons paying up front for this season’s product’s potential increase in value, the old chestnut that buyers will benefit by getting in on the ground floor of something great, in actuality, all season ticket holders are basically a value-added to Glen Taylor’s potential sale of the team and get the pleasure of enjoying its current injury-depleted carcass.

Or something. The gall of increasing season ticket prices when the team is closing in on a Playoffs-less decade and 2 sub-20-win seasons is enough to make anyone feel a little sheepish about declaring an increased value. And don’t get me started on the in-game presentation and production. Like a high school pep rally. Anyway.

The specs:


•Last season we removed of all previous discounts for season ticket memberships; some of which were up to 50%
•The last group with these discounts were the Loyalty Plan members. These were members that’s stayed on-board during the lockout and as a result were guaranteed the 2010-11 prices for this current season 2012-13.
Wolves ticket prices have basically remained flat – and at extreme discounted rate – the last 3 years; Despite being in the 14th largest market, Wolves average season membership price has been the lowest in the NBA the past 2 years.
•This removal of discounts has been communicated to season members several times during the last year.
•Ticket prices for next season are still lower across most price ranges compared to 2009-10; the year before the large discounts started.
•Prices for 2013-14 (next season) compared to 2012-13 (this year) are increasing slightly compared to the non-discounted prices last season. Attached is the entire list of price changes.
•Tickets remain very affordable: 1,000 lower-level seats at $20 per game (most affordable lower-level seat in theNBA) and 6,700 upper-level seats priced at $7 or less, including 2,000 at $4.

•For the 2013-14 NBA season, the Wolves have introduced new membership levels that provide greater variety of benefits that are available throughout the calendar year.
•These membership levels (President’s Club, Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum, Gold) are only available to members.
•The goal is to continue to provide value to our members while also engaging them throughout the calendar year – not just during the NBA season.

•If the Wolves don’t make the playoffs this year, then season ticket members will receive a 10% refund off their season membership price.
•It’s an effort to put our money where our mouth and let our fans know that we all have skin in the game.
•Believe this promise/refund is a first among professional sports teams.


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