Derrick Williams, Stephen Curry: On a somewhat related note

Before diving into the injustice that is sure to be tonight’s tilt in Los Angeles, a teaser:

The Timberwolves’ last win in the series – and only one in the last 24 meetings – was 117-107 in double overtime at home March 6, 2007.

Now that we’re all psyched to witness a trend-buster, did you see this last night?

But that smile. Eh, I don’t know, there’s something missing.

There are enough scoops and finger rolls in that highlight reel to make you think Jonny Flynn just capable of such feats. (David Kahn to Steph Curry: We don’t need you.)

Over at Ball Don’t Lie, they summed it thusly:

Playing the full 48 minutes, Curry scored a career-high 54 points on 18-of-28 shooting, including a mind-boggling 11-of-13 mark on three-pointers. It was a masterful performance, with Curry further proving himself as the purest shooter in the NBA.

Mainly, I just don’t understand why Curry wasn’t suspended after the Indiana fake-thuggery show. Moving on…

Steve McPherson waxes morality in sports through no small amount of Game of Thrones parsing over at A Wolf Among Wolves:

It’s hard to see the Timberwolves so listless, hard to see them barely eke out 33 points in a half and not even crack 90 in an OT game against a team composed at least partially of cast-offs from the Wolves. It was bad enough to see them down by 18 with under a minute to go in the first half, but as they drew close in the 4th quarter, I was reminded of Ned Stark and Game of Thrones. If they had come back to win the game, it wouldn’t have made them good any more than losing the game makes them bad, not in the moral sense.

We like to ascribe losses to a lack of effort, which translates to a lack of heart, a moral failing. When a team wins, we like to see it as a group effort, a triumph of grit over adversity, a sign of purity and goodness. It’s not wrong to do this, but it’s helpful if we can understand that we’re doing this, if we can know that being good doesn’t lead inevitably to success, just as failure doesn’t ineluctably come from being bad.

Sports is its own kind of fantasy setting, the place where we cling most doggedly to the notion that the way we as observers act or think during a game can somehow influence the outcome. We wear the same socks or hats to game after game, sit in the same spot on the couch, eat the same foods, drink the same drinks. We invest teams with our hearts, assign them our morals, as surely as we do characters in a story. I would just ask you to know that you’re doing it. As Hamlet pointed out to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern when they protested that Denmark was not a prison to them, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Seems like as good a segue into a series of Caged Lion highlights, if I’ve ever heard one…

Really not sure how that first dunk is not a travel, but the point: if Derrick Williams could line up against the Phoenix power forwards every night, he’d be an All Star running circles around Scola while bullying the Morris twins to the rim every time. Maybe the audition will prove fruitful and the Suns will decide what they could really use in exchange for Jared Dudley is an uncaged lion like D-Will. Progress is nice to see.

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