Grizzly-style contrarianism, Williams gets his

It gets lonely in the woods, but right now I’m here in the ‘hood.

Let’s have a bear hug.

– The 2 Bears

From the cranky old man department, besotted with naysaying, Britt Robson declared Ricky Rubio a hero-baller. One of necessity, perhaps, but a one-man band, nonetheless.

…he still has a long way to go to even crack the conversation about the top half-dozen point guards in this league and he needs to remember to alter his game to re-emphasize his virtues if and when the roster is ever at full strength. Yes, it is fabulous to see how much of himself he leaves out on the floor. But that doesn’t mean that when Ridnour misses a layup with Rubio standing in the corner for a potential three that he shouldn’t scramble back and prevent a breakout layup by George Hill.

And it doesn’t mean that Rubio can allow his man Orlando Johnson to put three or four players between them on a simple out-of-bounds play, resulting in a three-pointer that boosted the Pacers’ lead from 8 to 11 with nine minutes to play.

I could continue this nit-picking, but it would feel like piling on. Suffice to say that even with his recent heroics, Rubio is shooting 39.8 percent in March, including 30 percent from three-point territory, and that his 9.5 assists to 4.3 turnovers is a lower assist-to-turnover ratio than Ridnour and J.J. Barea have compiled this month.

The definition of picking nits before couching the crank with a call for health. Keep on keeping kranky, Britt.

Ricky’s at 41% for the month of March — a month he’s had no good option but to shoot, and he’s still managed 8 assists with 6 rebounds and 2.7 steals. Just like you can’t make chicken soup with chicken poop; you can’t be a contrarian writing about endless negativity — you’ve gotta find something positive to gripe about or you’d be something else completely.

At least Pek was happy to see Ricky last night:

In that same contrarian vein, the most frustrating Wolf to root for (or against) this year would be Derrick Williams. He’s a small forward. He’s Dante Cunningham’s backup. He’s in Rick Adelman’s doghouse. He’s Kevin Love’s replacement. He can’t box out on free throws. He has an elaborate wind-up of a jumper. He’s shooting a league-average, 32% from 3 this season, yet he seems the Wolves best perimeter threat. He runs directly into defenders — he runs straight lines directly into defenders. He doesn’t see help defense coming, and can’t finish through contact. He’s the highest drafted Wolf ever and he’s a classic #2 overall bust. He’s the best trade chip the Wolves have. He’s a developing stretch-4 playing behind the best in a generation. He’s all of these things this year, and he’s shooting 48% over his last 5, putting up 17/6 over that span.

He scored a career high, 28 points last night; complete with awkward pull-ups in the lane, a nice turn-around jumper, some nice corner 3s, 7-10 free throws (drawing serious contact heading to the rack), and a few soaring throw-downs. Behold… highlights.


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