Apr 13, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Timberwolves small forward Andrei Kirilenko (47) attempts to steal the ball from Phoenix Suns small forward Wesley Johnson (2) during the fourth quarter at the Target Center. Timberwolves won 105-93. Mandatory Credit: Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Lakers Wesley Johnson Hears a Who

I can’t decide if it’s a laughable attempt to put a good face on after being spurned by Dwight Howard; if the Los Angeles media really believe Laker laundry can turn a bum into a ‘quality player’; if the people in Los Angeles just don’t pay attention to any other team in the league; if it’s really a sad state of affairs, when the premiere NBA market of the last decade has to stoop to touting Wesley Johnson as their newest success story.

As of this post, 1,349 voters believe Wes will develop into a valuable role player for the Lakers to only 234. Just amazing how lost the Lakers truly are.

From their toadstool

In guard-forward Wesley JohnsonLakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak has found another other quality player on a minimum-salary contract.

Drafted fourth in 2010 by the Minnesota TimberwolvesJohnson never quite lived up to his potential coming out of Syracuse.  Now 26, Johnson showed some improvement in Phoenix with the Suns last season after a July 2012 trade from the Wolves.

Johnson has good length with the potential to be a strong perimeter defender.  In stretches he was able to hit the three-point shot last season with the Suns.

If the Lakers can stay healthy, with the attention veterans Kobe BryantPau Gasol and Steve Nashdemand, Johnson might be able to develop into a valuable role player.

Pencil him in as the team’s backup to Nick Young at small forward, although the rotation will evolve once the Lakers get to training camp in October. Johnson will make $916,099 for the coming season.

With the team over the luxury tax, the Lakers had one major spending tool, their taxpayer mid-level exception of $3.2 million.  Once that was spent to bring in center Chris Kaman, all Kupchak can offer to free agents is the veteran’s minimum.

Earlier in the week, the Lakers added Young and point guard Jordan Farmar, also for the minimum, although Farmar’s contract won’t be finalized until a buyout is resolved with Turkish club Anadolu Efes.

Assuming the Farmar deal doesn’t fall through, the Lakers will have 11 players under contract with the addition of Johnson.  The team is also expected to sign rookie forward Ryan Kelly, taken 48th in June’s NBA draft.

The Lakers will need to sign at least one more player to hit the league minimum of 13.  The team can carry as many as 15 players on the roster, although they can bring up to 20 to training camp.

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  • Otto

    Mike McDonald must be what, 7 years old? Look, i know that you are a Laker Hater…and that’s perfectly fine. I get it, no issue there. But as a blogger, journalist, whatever you choose to call yourself, at least be a mature human being who understands the sports market itself, the industry, the game, etc etc. What are they supposed to do, say, “Ladies & Gentlemen, we just picked up a worthless player?” Especially if they (In the land of WAYYY more championships than Minny will EVER have) believe that they have something there! Almost sounds like someone’s still bitter since they left.

    Jealousy is acceptable, & so is your hating…but grow the hell up. Now banish me if you must. I am so sick of all of the juvenile, immature, childlike banter that you guys like to write here. It’s not even trash talk…its just extremely poor writing & judgement. Can no one come up with originality any more?

  • Travis Roberts

    Hold on this is a Sports Illustrated article? I could have swore I was reading opinion based 3rd grade writing assignment.

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