Is Derrick Favors The Best Option For The Timberwolves?


Georgia Tech freshmen, Derrick Favors did not have the greatest freshmen season or get the headlines like follow

freshmen John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, or Avery Bradley.  But as in coming freshmen, ESPN had him ranked as the No. 2 overall recruit, which put him ahead of everyone  on their list not named Avery.

While Favors was very under-the-radar as a Yellow Jacket, his physical testing has reminded everyone that he is an amazing athlete.  Here is what ESPN’s Chad Ford wrote about Favors’ physical testing.

"Derrick Favors’ numbers are also good. He ended up with a 35.5-inch max vertical, ran the three-quarter-court sprint in 3.25 seconds, benched the 185-pound bar 14 times and ran the lane agility drill in 11.7 seconds. Those numbers are just slightly lower than those of Dwight Howard (same vert) and slightly above those of Al Horford and Amare Stoudemire."

Not too shabby.

Favors has the physical gifts to affect a game without the ball in his hands. While his offensive game is not on the same level as Cousins’, Favors is a much better athlete and more committed to defensive.  Favors also seems to be very level-headed, which can not be said about Cousins.

Evan Turner seems to be the player the Wolves have deemed the “savior of the franchise”, but for me, he has lost some his shine.  Turner is 21 and tested very modestly in the predraft combine.  And I get the feeling that we have already seen exactly what kind of player he will become.  Here is what Chad Ford wrote about Turner.

"Evan Turner’s numbers were a bit more pedestrian. He ended up with a 34.5-inch max vertical, an 11.1-second lane agility drill and a 3.3-second three-quarter-court sprint. Not exactly blazing, but not too shabby either. As far as guards go, his numbers are very close to John Salmons’ in 2002 and Daequan Cook’s in 2007."

The idea of John Salmon’s or Daequan Cook as the No. 2 No. 4 pick in the draft, makes me want to punch Ndudi Ebi in the face.  But Turner has a skill-set coming into the league that Cook and Salmon don’t, even after playing the NBA for a few years.

Favors is only 19 and is labeled with the magical word – “upside”, and the unknown is always more attractive for a team that is rebuilding.

Favors also relieves a lot of issues with the Kevin Love-Al Jefferson combo.  Both can score , but can not stop anyone else from doing the same.  Both Love and Jefferson are skilled players, and Favors has raw talent and a great physical foundation that will allow him to hone his basketball skills and become force for the Wolves.

It could even free-up the Wolves to trade either Love or Jefferson once Favors becomes more consistent with his offensive.  Love and Favors together would give more options with a high-low post combo as Favors can get up to the rim easier than Jefferson.

By the time the draft rolls around on June 24th, the Wolves probably will not have to trade-up to get Turner.  I feel both Favors and Cousins will leap-frog him leaving Turner available for the Wolves.  Now, just find away to trade off No. 16, 23 and a player – lets say Ramon Session, get the No. 2 pick, and walk away from this draft with both Turner and Favors.

I will buy season tickets and paint my chest with a big Wolves logo.

Imagine the possible line-up in two years.  Ricky Rubio at the point, Turner at shooting guard, Corey Brewer at small forward, Jefferson at power forward, and Favors at center.  Jonny Flynn, Wayne Ellington, Love, Darko, Ryan Hollins and Ryan Gomes off the bench.

That’s a nice thought to end the day.