Micheal Beasley to Lakers, Nets, Celtics?


As the trade deadline rapidly approaches, the story in Minnesota is where Micheal Beasley will land. After a slow start and the emergence of Derrick Williams as the small forward of the future, Beasley has become expendable.

But unlike Dwight Howard, Beasley hasn’t listed teams he will and won’t play for. So the question is now where will he land?

New Jersey Nets

Probability: 35%

The Nets are in the market for one guy and one guy only and he ain’t named Beasley. New Jersey is saving up their resources and picks to put together the best possible package for the Magic and they won’t be sending any pieces anywhere else because simply, there isn’t a player of Howard’s caliber anywhere else in the league worth making a trade and jeopardizing a shot at Howard.

Los Angeles Lakers

Probability: 57%

There were reports that surfaced earlier in the month that indicated the Wolves and Lakers were working a trade that involved Beasley. The Wolves wanted a first rounder but the Lakers said no. If a trade were to happen the Wolves would need to find a way to get Luke Walton and/or Ron Metta World Whateverthehell as the Lakers want them off their hands. A possibility would be to involve a third team but that’s too much hassel to flip Beasley when they can manage ways to do it two way.

Houston Rockets

Probability: 48%

If the Wolves were to deal with the Rockets it wouldn’t be the first time. They traded Jonny Flynn there this offseason and would be in the market for a guard this time around. With the loss of Ricky Rubio and the stalled development of Wes Johnson, trading Anthony Tolliver for Courtney Lee in a package deal would make a lot of sense. Lee is a shooting guard but has point guard ability. Malcolm Lee, Luke Ridnour and J.J. Barea will be a three headed point guard monster but adding Lee would give the Wolves depth they currently don’t have at shooting guard.

Orlando Magic

Probability: 86%

If Dwight Howard does decide to stay in Orlando for the remainder of the year, they’ll have to go all in to try to keep him there for another year. Howard has never had a sidekick, and if they were able to add Beasley to their front court with Hedo Turkoglu they’d be in business. Beasley has three point skills that fit the Magic’s current agenda and he’d split time with Ryan Anderson. The deal that makes the most sense is flipping Beasley for Turkoglu as the Magic want to dump his contract and the Wolves can very much use him. Turkoglu would be carrying the same weight in terms of expectations that Beasley is right now but he’s proven he can deliver on it.

Boston Celtics

Probability: 5%

There seems to be this notion among Wolves fans that Beasley could be included in a deal that would bring Kevin Garnett back to where it all began. This couldn’t be more of a stupid idea. The amount of talent the Wolves would have to trade wouldn’t make it worth the two more seasons they’d get of Garnett at the worst part of his career. Malcolm Lee, Beasley, Tolliver and another player would be needed to make a deal and the Celtics would have to trade Garnett and Allen in return. On the surface this deal makes a lot of sense and adds a veteran presence on the team. But the Wolves are building and have the mondset of a win as you grow team. Why violently shift that midseason and drastically narrow your window at a championship?

Minnesota Timberwolves

Probability: 90%

Chances are Beasley stays in Minnesota. There has been a lot of big talk with no follow through in the trade talks and the closest things have come is the trade with the Lakers. All the above mentioned destinations are appealing and do make sense. But the most sense is made in Minnesota, where Beasley has formed a real one-two punch duo with Derrick Williams. With Rubio out for the year the chances Beasley gets flipped for a point guard went up but came crashing down upon the realization that no team in the NBA would trade the kind of guard the Wolves want for Beasley.