Game Notes: Indiana Pacers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves


Quarter 1

  • This is a game that Wolves will remember last year as nasty, physical battle between two up-and-coming teams. Unfortunately, stars on both teams are out this year (Granger for Indiana and Love/Rubio for Minnesota).
  • Their workhorse has been veteran David West while Paul George and Roy Hibbert have really underachieved. Especially for a player of Hibbert’s contract calibur, he should be playing at an all-star level.
  • Good to see Williams finally go back to that face-up game. He can really jump start an offense if he makes smart decisions with the ball and doesn’t try to force it every time.
  • It was a pretty ugly first quarter to start off the game. No team really established any momentum or flow to their offense.
  • Derrick Williams has had a mostly positive first quarter and has really helped hold this otherwise shoddy start together for Minnesota. Kudos to the sophmore for working on his game during the offseason.

Quarter 2

  • As well as George Hill is playing, there is simply just no way he is able to maintain this over a full 82 game season. He’s played a full quarter already.
  • Looks like Adelman is taking some risks out there. Put in Shved and Malcolm Lee for the backcourt. Lee has the defensive speed while Shved looks to run this offense with his usual efficiency.
  • Stiemsma’s repertoire with the back-up guards is really something. Shved and Barea both feel completely fine throwing him the ball for a finish at any time. Definitely a luxury for a reserve big man.
  • It’s good to see Gerald Green flourishing in the NBA. With his otherworldly athletic abilities and basketball talent, you’d have expected him to be dominant upon entering the league.
  • The Timberwolves’ defense has really improved with calling out switches on pick and rolls. This will definitely help with our otherwise unathletic group.
  • This ugly piece of offense can be attributed to the loss of JJ Barea for the team. What seemed like an innocent ankle injury really ended up hurting the team as he is out for a week.
  • Malcolm Lee really isn’t an NBA level player. He is really talented and has amazing physical gifts, but as of right now, the man cannot play professional basketball.
  • The Timberwolves have to stop settling for the 20-foot jumper in this offense. The reason it’s always open is that it’s one of the least efficient shots in the league.

Quarter 3

  • Pekovic really has to get going against the Pacers. He’s the reason that the Wolves can have a chance at coming back against Indiana. Unfortunately his post game hasn’t been up to his usual excellent standards so he should try some pick and roll situations.
  • The Wolves are getting absolutely destroyed on the glass by Indiana (who by the way are very proficient at offensive rebounding). Take away the offensive rebounds and the Wolves have a pretty comfortable lead.
  • Looks like Brandon Roy is out for the game with a sore right knee. This could be an overreaction by the Wolves, but with Roy it’s much better to be safe.
  • Hibbert’s length is really throwing of Pekovic’s game. He just can’t get that turnaround hook to fall in over the 7’2 Pacers center.
  • George Hill has to be an absolute godsend for the Pacers. He really facilitates well, plays excellent defense and has a decent enough scoring touch. Really good for him to get out from behind Tony Parker and find a starting gig somewhere.
  • Derrick Williams finally is showing understanding of this offense. Him pulling the ball back and resetting this offense.
  • The Wolves have gone back to their high volume free throw shooting ways. This will definitely help them.
  • What a way to end the half. A Shved to Malcolm Lee pass that just made it within the clock. Absolutely beautiful play.

Quarter 4

  • Wolves have to stay true to themselves and really exploit the Pacers weakness. Pek has to step up against this Pacers frontcourt.
  • Shved is really exploding against the Pacers. His passes to Stiemsma and Cunningham were beautiful and on target.
  • David West is single-handedly attempting to negate the effects of Shved. His post skills are pretty amazing.
  • Now with a bit of a foul issue among the big men for Minnesota. Pek has 4 fouls while Steamer has 5. Could get a little scary when Roy Hibbert comes back in.
  • Having Lee bring the ball up and Shved initiate the offense certainly is unique. Allows him to get the ball on the wing quicker and come off screens easier.
  • These referees certainly call the game uniquely. They ignore all forms of handchecking while calling really any form of reach in fouls. Makes for a frustrating day for coaches, especially Adelman.
  • Pek is really starting pick up this offense. However, someone has to step up and make play on defense.
  • Tie game at 86-86. Pacers currently dominating the Wolves on the boards.
  • Mildly puzzling that they took Shved out, but Budinger back in should help the Wolves out more on the defensive end.
  • Target Center is going crazy. Something about this odd group of characters on this roster really stirs up the crowd. There’s no true stars, but just a bunch of happy-go-lucky players who love playing the game.
  • I’ve been pretty harsh on Pek not doing too much this game, but he really stepped up when it mattered. He did all of this while playing pretty outstanding defense.
  • Hill is absolutely cold-blooded. Good news is that there’s plenty time for a good shot. Look for either quick pick and pop or a cutter.
  • Being a Timberwolves fan is amazing right now. They just scored on a backdoor cut from Budinger to win the game. Just amazing!