Game Notes: Kings vs. Timberwolves


Quarter 1

  • Wolves hopefully snap this atrocious 5-game losing streak. There are reports of Ricky Rubio returning way earlier than expected. While no exact date has been given, he should be expected before Christmas.
  • The Kings come out starting hot and flashing off all that talent and potential that their roster has. On pure ability alone, the Kings would be championship contenders.
  • Malcolm Lee’s role in this offense should be limited to baseline cuts. Other than that, he shouldn’t be near the ball unless it’s due to a clock.
  • Cousins is stretching Pekovic out to around 20 feet with his jumpers. Hopefully, he either cools down or starts going away from it because Pek can’t guard out there.
  • Tyreke Evans is still one of the best slashing wings in the league. He draws a lot of ire from fans for his lack of shooting, but he’ is terrific at getting to the rim.
  • Andrei Kirilenko is single handedly keeping this team in the game. With no outside shooting game to speak of, his drives and back cuts are killing Sacramento

Quarter 2

  • Pekovic just has to camp down low and stay there. No one the King’s roster can handle his strength down low.
  • Shved is the first sub off the bench. Wonder if it’s Lee’s bad play or Shved’s good play in practice. Most likely a combination of both.
  • Looks like Lee actually might be injured. Hopefully it’s not too serious. Most likely a continuation of his thigh contusion from before.
  • Wolves leaving a lot of points on the floor with missed layups. Thankfully, the offensive rebounding is there to help.
  • Cousins continuing with the long range assault. I think Adelman is willing to take that from Sacramento as long there is no dribble drive penetration.
  • Funnest match up of this game: Isaiah Thomas vs. JJ Barea. JJ just tried to post Thomas up while Thomas returned the favor on the other end.
  • Sacramento just keeps hanging in there and find themselves only down 3 points. Minnesota could easily put this team away by finishing some shots.
  • Wolves managed to get a good quarter due to Smart’s mismanagement of starters. Hopefully, it happens again in the 2nd half.

Quarter 3

  • Once again, some atrocious shooting from deep (17%). The worst part about this, the shots are actually open, uncontested ones for the most part.
  • Minny taking a page from AK and learning to play defense without fouling. Sacramento with zero free throws in the first half.
  • AK is also one of the best inbounds passers in the NBA. His length allows him to see over the top and he gets the ball into very tight spaces most people can’t.
  • Cousins once again in foul trouble. He seems to do this every time he plays Minnesota.
  • Of all the players to get hot for the Wolves, Malcolm Lee, just drilled two consecutive 3-pointers. So far, he’s 4-5 from the field. Talk about unexpected.
  • Having Love back in the lineup makes you realize how good he actually is at rebounding. Some of the boards he’s been grabbing are just insane.
  • Luke taking over the game this quarter. He’s been scoring in flurries with floaters, jumpers and layups. This is the Ridnour that Minnesota needed.
  • Lee’s athleticism once helping out as he comes with a great block. Really could use more of those kind of plays from Lee to justify his position in the starting line up.
  • Kevin Love already has 20 rebounds. Maybe going for a 30-30 game today?
  • Minnesota stretches their lead out to 8, 75-67.

Quarter 4

  • Once again, the lead is cut down to 3. But Alexey Shved comes back with a quick 3.
  • And another 3 from Shved! Looks like he’s channeling his inner Malcolm (that might be a bad thing).
  • JJ Barea’s flop isn’t working against Sacramento. Isaiah Thomas is playing based on the fact that JJ is going to flop over on a drive.
  • Shved is just taking over this game on both ends of this game. His defense has caused some turnovers and he’s gotten Minnesota some easy shots.
  • Pekovic has to start boxing out his own man. He’s let up two offensive boards because he hasn’t put his body onto the shooter.
  • Kings are right back in this game because Minnesota has yet to put them away defensively. This is always dangerous, and even more on the road.
  • Sacramento’s switch into a 2-3 zone has absolutely killed the Wolves’ offense. Smart move by Sacramento, forcing Minny to shoot perimeter shots.
  • Kirilenko to Pek is a lethal combination in the low block. They are just overloading a side and passing around the defender.
  • Love just put in a Ralph Sampson-esque dagger to finish off the Kings. Love finishes the game with 23 points and 24 rebounds. Just absolutely took over the game.
  • Wolves finally break out of this horrible 5 game losing streak.