Game Notes: Milwaukee Bucks vs. Minnesota Timberwolves… Border Battle


Quarter 1

  • Looks like Kirilenko is out for the game and Love will play with an illness. Hopefully, we can take advantage of a stumbling Bucks team.
  • Barea will be starting in place of Malcolm Lee. Should work against Milwaukee since both their PG and SG are about the same size.
  • Minnesota might be playing the one team more offensively futile than themselves. Unfortunately, they can go off anytime they want.
  • John Henson offensive game just relying on tip-ins. Unfortunately for Minny, he’s had 3 of them already.
  • Bucks backcourt absolutely destroying us on the offensive end. Both Ellis and Jennings are two very talented offensive players.
  • The reason Barea starts is due to Lee being out with injury. This epidemic just continuing to wear down the roster.
  • Barea getting hounded by Jennings on defense. Jennings isn’t a particularly great on-ball defender but he has very quick hands and will gamble by going for steals.
  • Wolves letting Milwaukee shoot a lot of open 3’s. This and failing to convert easy shots have them down 30-29.

Quarter 2

  • Bucks have a really big front line (Udoh, Henson, Harris, Przybilla, Dalembert, Sanders, Illyasova, Dunleavy). Most of them aren’t offensively talented either but have plenty of defensive ability.
  • D-Will’s confidence is shot. Everything he does looks shaky and slow. Not the same player he was in college.
  • Shved taking over the game. With all of the injuries today, he’ll really need to take his game to the next level.
  • If Stiemsma could learn to rebound better, he would be a front line center for many NBA teams. He’s got the size, defense and sets good picks to earn a spot. He just doesn’t have good positioning.
  • Mike Dunleavy would have been a great team for Minnesota. He’s long, great shooter and can pass. On top of that, he’s also white.
  • Larry Sanders walling of the paint with 6 block already. His athleticism and length will make Wolves guards think twice before coming into the lane.
  • 5-4 situations keeping Bucks in this game. Wolves just have to get everyone back on defense.
  • Henson looks like a walking scarecrow next to Love and Pekovic. He really needs to add some weight if he wants to bang down low in the NBA.
  • Barea just hit a ridiculous buzzerbeater. Refs checking to see he got it off in time. Just an amazing shot.

Quarter 3

  • Wolves have to crack down on penetration and second chance points by the Bucks. Hopefully, that dreaded 2nd half collapse doesn’t hit them today.
  • Minny ending the half with a 12-4 run. However, their lead doesn’t reflect the fact that they should be ahead by a lot of points.
  • Barea getting flop of the game. One of these days someone is going to realize he’s just baiting the other player.
  • Monta Ellis really starting to heat up. An aggressive Monta Ellis is down right unstoppable.
  • Love still not a 100% from the hand injury. His stroke looks off when he shoots free throws.
  • Illyasova has really fallen far. After a max contract, he doesn’t even get any minutes this game.
  • Surprise Minny hasn’t gone to Pekovic more. He really can dominate these Milwaukee big men.
  • Inevitable collapse occurring as Bucks close it down to 63-61.
  • Derrick Williams is either doing something amazing or atrocious. Nothing in between.
  • This seems really minute, but Shved has been a master of contesting shots without fouling tonight. Probably prevented at least 5 points worth of open jumpers.

Quarter 4

  • Larry Sanders awfully close to a double double with points and rebounds.
  • Shved is the only true initiator for Minnesota right now. Barea has had his ups and downs and Luke isn’t athletic enough to penetrate.
  • Udrih is absolutely hounding Ridnour right now. He can’t get any space to unload a quick jumper or a pass.
  • Pryzbilla comes into the game. Proceeds to miss 2 free throws and fouls immediately right after.
  • Shved’s shooting really picking up these last two games. Hopefully, it’s not an aberration.
  • Luke might be one of the best mid range shooters in the NBA. His stroke is as pure as anyone’s.
  • Alexey Shved just put in the pass of the game. Mid court pass to the other corner, on the dot. Follows that play with a dagger 30-foot 3-pointer. He’s just playing out of his mind today.