The Return of Ricky Rubio: Dallas Mavericks vs. Minnesota Timberwolves Game Notes


Quarter 1

  • Very rarely has a player affected a fanbase as much as Ricky Rubio has. Arguably the most famous of the Spaniard basketball players, Rubio has lit a fire in the cold, starving bellies of Timberwolves fans.
  • On a side note, Love’s injury from yesterday doesn’t seem to be too bad. He is scheduled to start this game.
  • Don’t expect too much out of Rubio (even though we probably will). Reports coming in that he will only play about 16-18 minutes.
  • Change of plans. Now reports of Love not playing due to an illness. Apparently Wolves have had a bit of a flu going around. Puts a little bit of a damper on things.
  • Looks like Cunningham is playing in place of Love. There’s going to be some pretty unique lineups tonight.
  • Pekovic already drawing double teams. Hopefully, Wolves can shoot like they did in NOLA.
  • Derek Fisher is torching Ridnour early. Should even out as the game goes on.
  • Mavs taking a cue from Fisher and leading Minnesota 17-6.
  • Wolves quickly going back to their ball movement scheme and come back strong. Now only down 20-14.
  • Minny getting killed on the transition pull up jumper.
  • Crowd going crazy as Rubio went up to the scorer’s table. Got louder when he checked in.
  • Wolves down 32-22 as the Mavs shred Minny’s defense.

Quarter 2

  • When people talk about the best centers in the NBA, Chris Kaman is a man too often skipped. When he was with the Clippers, he got far more attention. He’s similar to Andrew Bogut without as many injuries.
  • Rubio seems to be picking up where he left off. He’s really getting the crowd into it.
  • The passing of a Shved-Rubio backcourt is amazing. The combined court vision between those two is stunning.
  • Wolves second unit bringing Minnesota back. Stiemsma is blocking shots and D-Will is getting rebounds. Role players playing their roles to perfection.
  • Steamer is really protecting the rim well. He’s doing his job just the way he needs to.
  • D-Will looking pretty good as he’s draining the open shots that Rubio is spoon feeding him.
  • Stiemsma and Fisher are getting tangled up pretty good. Steamer just decked Fisher out and proceeded to swat the next shot into the stands (a foul was called).
  • Derrick Williams has improved every time I’ve seen this year. Hopefully this is a trend that continues. Even if his shot isn’t going in, he outworks his opponents. Currently with 12 points.
  • Wolves defense coming around. Looks like the law of averages is going into full effect.

Quarter 3

  •  That was one of the funnest halves of Timberwolf basketball in a while. With Steamer and Fisher going at it, Rubio’s return, and Derrick Williams going off, there was plenty to talk about.
  • Pekovic really taking it to Kaman and the Mavs. Shved, Ridnour and AK are just spoon feeding Pek in the post.
  • Game is getting really chippy. No sense of flow as the refs are calling odd calls and decisions which is really messing up the momentum that either team may have had.
  • Wolves need to get some stops soon. Mayo’s 3 trims the lead down to 8 points.
  • Rubio just threw a 30 foot lob to Kirilenko. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a basketball higher in the air since a Dirk Nowitzki fadeaway.
  • Wolves leading 80-70 going into the 4th quarter.

Quarter 4

  • The Derrick Williams and Rubio combination is back on the court to start out the final quarter. It remains to be seen how much of this is for DWill’s trade stock to improve.
  • Dallas is still beating Minnesota on the transition. When you have a roster as unathletic as Minnesota’s, that is what you have to live with.
  • Adelman dialing up the 2-3 zone. One of the first times we’ve seen it this year. Works a lot better when you have a shot blocker like Steamer and a defender like AK47.
  • Kirilenko just got undercut by Vince Carter. He looks a bit shaken up.
  • Dallas making a good comeback and narrowing the lead down 5. Score 93-85 in favor of Minnesota.
  • One point game at 95-94. Then Derek Fisher gets fouled after he made a 3 pointer. Score is 97-94 pending the free throw.
  • Refs really imprinting themselves on this game. Tie game after a questionable jump ball call.
  • After missing some nail biting tip ins, the game goes into overtime.


  • Russian Express starts off the overtime with a quick dunk. Good start.
  • The losses of Fisher and Carter are going to really hurt Dallas as this period progresses.
  • Minny continuing to use a delayed trailer of the pick and roll to beat Dallas’ big men.
  • Kirilenko really stepping up with an and-one.
  • Not to be outdone, Pekovic goes for his own and-one.
  • Refs are really cutting down on their whistles in this overtime period.
  • Wolves outscoring Mavs 10-2.
  • Minnesota wins 114-106 in overtime.