From a Mile High: Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Denver Nuggets GameNotes


Quarter 1

  • Wolves will once again be without Ricky Rubio as they take on a staunch Denver team at home. The Nuggets have only lost 1 game at home all season and that was to the Miami Heat.
  • Kevin Love hopefully bounces back after getting some incendiary comments about how “he’s just like every other stretch 4” by Utah Jazz bench player Derrick Favors.
  • Another note of importance: Happy Birthday to my personal favorite Wolves player, Nikola Pekovic, who turns the ripe old age of 27 today! At least we know he’s mortal now.
  • Shved starts the game off right with a beautiful 3 pointer.
  • For all his recent struggles, Kevin Love has really been drawing a ridiculous amount of fouls. And he looks to take over the smaller Faried early in this game.
  • Match up of the game today will be the sheer athleticism of the Nuggets roster versus the physicality of the Wolves.
  • Pek’s struggles starting early as he fails to rotate on Faried and then blows an open dunk. Not a good start for the big fella.
  • Wolves game plan going well early as they are already in the bonus.
  • Denver takes advantage of a non call on Kevin Love in the paint to get a quick three pointer and now take a 23-15 lead.
  • Love got a technical for jawing at an official after he was once again hacked. Can’t really blame him, but he’s gotta take a page for Pek’s book and just learn to play through contact.
  • Wolves press a 10/12 free throw advantage to come roaring back to make the game competitive 23-25.

Quarter 2

  • One of Denver’s biggests flaws as a team is their horrible defensive rebounding. They all just stand there when the ball goes up and that should help Minnesota in the long run.
  • Wolves clinging to this game (and in essence their season) by a thread. What should have been a great campaign of a much improved roster is being tested to its limits right now. These games are what will either toughen this team for a playoff run or settle them as a lottery contender.
  • Derrick Williams still has to learn how to get his shot off while not getting blocked every couple shots. He definitely has the moves down low, but his inability to get enough explosiveness is certainly concerning.
  • Shved is really taking it to every single Nuggets player not named Andre Igoudala. He seems primed to have an explosive performance tonight.
  • Pekovic and Cunningham single handedly keeping Minnesota possessions alive. They are really starting to help out with multiple shot attempts.
  • Derrick Williams throws down a thundering putback dunk. He now has helped the team jump to 37-32 lead.
  • Love just unleashed a very, very loud F-bomb that mikes just happened to pick up. Good to see him playing with some fire.
  • Javale McGee still has a while to go in attempting to control his freakish athletic abilities.
  • Minnesota managing to grab a 47-43 lead going into halftime.

Quarter 3

  •  Denver starts out the 3rd quarter on a tear as the Wolves once again falter down out of the half time “gates”.
  • Igoudala really starting to pick his game up in the last few minutes. Forcing a couple quick fouls on Shved.
  • Love just re-injured his hand on a Faried foul. Doesn’t look too serious though.
  • As soon as I say that, Love’s hand is being gingerly held as he takes it in to get X-rays. Things are really starting to go south on the Wolves and fast.
  • Good to see Anthony Randolph playing basketball again. He’s just a case of putting his prodigal skills to use.
  • Wolves seemingly overcoming every obstacle thrown in their way and still only down 1 point. This seems next to impossible given how poorly the team has played.

Quarter 4

  • Wolves scratching and clawing to keep their this game close.
  • Stiemsma for all his shot blocking prowess, is otherwise a quite bad player. He is an atrocious rebounder and has bad hands. Signing looking pretty bad now.
  • Wolves guards dinking and dunking their way to the lead right now. Luke Ridnour hit a cold blooded shot to put the Wolves up by 3.
  • Nuggets offense has really gone into iso-ball. With their athleticism, they should run a dribble drive motion offense.
  • JJ Barea now taking over the game with some clutch shots. That might have been the  coffin in the nail for the Nuggets.