GameNotes: Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Oklahoma City Thunder


Quarter 1

  • More bad news for this seemingly cursed team. Kevin Love out 8-10 weeks after undergoing surgery next week for his broken hand.
  • Rick Adelman will miss his second straight game due to “personal reasons.” There have been rumors in the Twittersphere that Adelman’s absence might more extended than we had previously imagined.
  • J.J. Barea is a late scratch for tonight’s game after he was hobbled due to a back injury suffered in yesterday’s win over Atlanta. This will be a huge loss as Barea seems to torch OKC everytime he plays them. Unfortunately, this means we will have to witness Lazar Hayward and his attempt to play NBA basketball.
  • There is some good news however, Ricky Rubio will be making his first attempt at playing a back to back series. He will once again be playing roughly 20 minutes as back up to Ridnour.
  • Wolves game plan against OKC will have to rely on one of their role players scoring far beyond their normal means. This could be Derrick Williams’ night!
  • Looks like the Wolves will also have to deal with Kevin Martin coming back tonight.
  • Wolves should still be able to exploit Pekovic vs. Perkins down low. No one on the Thunder can handle Pek or even remotely move him.
  • It’s odd to OKC’s arena so empty. Guess the visiting Timberwolves aren’t that much of a draw.
  • Perkins really getting into it with Pekovic. Matchup of who’s tougher.
  • Kirilenko starting the game off hot. He always seems to perform great when he’s the focus of the offense.
  • Wolves finish the quarter with a low scoring 16-16 tie game.

Quarter 2

  • The OKC offense seems move so much better with Kevin Martin in than Sefolasha. He really is a dual threat on offense.
  • Derrick Williams starting the game off cold. He really has to learn how to not get his shot blocked as he drives to the hoop.
  • One of Pek’s most redeeming qualities is his ability to keep his cool. For example, both Thabeet and Perkins are trying to get a reaction out of him and Pek is holding up admirably.
  • Good to see Hasheem Thabeet experiencing a minor career renaissance after a rather lackluster start.
  • Minny drawing fouls at a high rate right now. Pekovic alone has probably gotten 5 on the OKC bigs.
  • Wolves getting burned by open 3 point shooters. They really have to close out better.
  • Thunder go on a 7-0 run to finally put some space between the two teams.
  • Lazar Hayward is in very early to give Dante Cunningham a break.
  • Thunder once again stretch out their lead with a couple of Westbrook drives.
  • Despite being overwhelmed on defense, Shved is single handedly keeping the Wolves in the game right now with some clutch 3 pointers.
  • Shved has now scoring 12 of the last 14 Wolves points.
  • This game is starting to get pretty chippy. Even Cunningham is getting into the action with Perkins.

Quarter 3

  • Wolves staying close with a 42-47 deficit to the Thunder.
  • Thunder once again hitting some open 3 pointers to give them a larger lead.
  • Turnovers are starting to plague Minnesota again. Two costly ones have resulted in two fast break opportunities.
  • Minny going down by 12 as the Thunder are really stretching out the Wolves defense.
  • Thunder really going after Ridnour with Westbrook. This a matchup they tried exploiting last time to no avail.
  • Pekovic on a mission to demolish OKC’s entire frontcourt. Ibaka, Perkins and Collison are all trying to guard him with no success.
  • OKC’s lead is now up to 13 after a Westbrook layup.
  • Thunder keeping a good buffer between them and the Wolves by simply converting easy buckets. Defense has to shore up in order to prevent that.

Quarter 4

  • This starting to go into a full fledged blow out right now. Wolves have to keep it under control if they want a competitive chance.
  • Derrick Williams just a hit crazy jumper to close out the quarter. Simply absurd!
  • Wolves chances not looking to good for this one. Thunder have two of the best closers in the NBA in Durant and Westbrook.