Game Notes: Minnesota Timberwolves vs. New Orleans Hornets


Quarter 1

  • Adelman will be out this game as well due to his wife Mary Kae being hospitalized.
  • Wolves should finally have a winnable game but will have  some difficulties with their upcoming schedule.
  • Pekovic coming out early seeking to establish himself. He should be able to eat Robin Lopez or whoever attempts to guard him.
  • Minny and more specifically Kirilenko just torturing NOLA with the same back cuts that they used before.
  • Eric Gordon figures to have a big impact in this game coming as the off guard.
  • Ridnour just beat the 7 foot Robin Lopez on a jump ball. Some things just can’t be explained.
  • As raw and talented as New Orleans is, they just don’t make enough positive plays to outweigh their negative ones. Age and experience will do this team plenty of favors.
  • Good to see Pekovic’s growth as passer this year. Incredible ball movement this game by the Wolves.
  • Austin Rivers still trying to figure out the NBA. Despite the fact that’s he’s playing pretty bad, New Orleans might be the perfect for him work through his mistakes.
  • For all his shot blocking prowess, Steamer really doesn’t bring anything else to a ball game other than a mediocre jumper.
  • A player like Derrick Williams could really benefit from watching someone like Ryan Anderson. 3 pointers, layups and strong rebounds. That’s all he does, and he does them extremely well.

Quarter 2

  • New Orleans really struggling to get any offensive system down. Another young team mistake that long-time Wolves fans will easily recognize.
  • Good to see D-Will improving on his slashing skills. A strong, quick drive that looked effortless.
  • Derrick Williams starting to take over the game with 3 consecutive possessions. Adelman’s absence might really help his confidence.
  • Jason Smith and Ricky Rubio getting tangled up. Looks like the two were caught in more of an accidental fall than anything.
  • For all their youth and inexperience, the Hornets are currently riding a very solid 3 game winning streak.
  • Ricky’s offensive game still catching up his defensive one. His shot is still shaky and he doesn’t seem to have a lot of confidence in it.
  • Game starting to get a little bit ugly for the Wolves. A few bad sequences aren’t helping their lead.
  • Dante’s shot just looks off today. He’s usually very consistent with that kind of mid-range jumper.
  • Wolves previously invincible play has really fallen this quarter. The Hornets are coming back strong these last few minutes.
  • Shved with a beautiful one-cut drive to the hoop. He completely blind sided the Hornets defense.

Quarter 3

  • Brook might be the more talented of the Lopez twins, but Robin has a very good sweep hook shot and a decent midrange game.
  • Eric Gordon at the point guard really helped the Hornets get back into the game. NOLA put him on an island vs. Ridnour, one of the Wolves worst defenders, and he has taken advantage.
  • Gordon’s slashing ability is really putting a damper on all the offensive contributions that the Wolves are doing. This is where Malcolm Lee stands out.
  • Lead is now down to 2 points 46-44.
  • No one can shoot for the Wolves right now. All of the points so far have been rolls to the basket by Pekovic or short jumpers by Shved and Kirilenko.
  • An Anthony Davis dunk ties the game up 50-50.
  • Wolves only 1-9 from deep. Of all the players injured, Budinger’s might be the most.
  • Now everything is going haywire for Minny. Vasquez is penetrating and the Hornets shooters are knocking down everything.
  • Hornets starting to pull away 68-59. The Wolves have to execute better if they want to be in this game.

Quarter 4

  • Everything the Hornets throw up seems to be going in. Roger Mason’s prayer that didn’t count was a shining example.
  • Wolves best chances lie at getting their outside shots to fall and getting to the free throw line frequently.
  • For every shot the Wolves make, the Hornets retaliate with another one. This back and forth battle has to end with one of the teams deciding to play defense.