Do the Timberwolves prefer Jahlil Okafor over Karl-Anthony Towns?

Ever since the season has ended for the Minnesota Timberwolves and they were awarded the best odds to win the NBA Draft Lottery, fans have been hoping to land that first pick in order to see the Wolves draft Karl-Anthony Towns.

However, rumors are surfacing indicating that the Wolves actually have Okafor ranked ahead of Towns on their draft boards, and would likely take him first overall if they in fact win the NBA Draft Lottery.

Darren Wolfson of KSTP Sports has tweeted multiple times that he believes the Timberwolves prefer Okafor over Towns. Here’s a tweet from yesterday morning, which infers that the Wolves do indeed have Okafor on top of their draft board.

Personally, I disagree with Okafor being ahead of Towns on the draft board. While Okafor is more talented on the offensive end, it seems pretty clear that Towns is the better all-around talent. Towns would have the best chance to make an immediate impact on this Timberwolves team on both ends of the floor. Additionally, I’ve written multiple times about the terrible defensive play from the Wolves this season that needs to be addressed this offseason. Drafting Okafor wouldn’t address this issue as much as drafting Towns would.

If the Timberwolves do prefer Okafor, it does bring up another interesting possible scenario. If the Wolves are able to draft Okafor and then trade back into the first round and draft Apple Valley, Minnesota native Tyus Jones, the Wolves fanbase would erupt. However, unless the Wolves have this up their sleeve, I just don’t see how drafting Okafor over Towns would be the smartest move.

We’ll keep you covered here on DWW as we hear more about this issue and any other Wolves-related NBA Draft news.