Ranking the 15 Greatest Timberwolves: #15-11

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11. Christian Laettner

I think Christian Laettner gets a bad rep. A lot of people think of him as a player that was very successful in college, but then fizzled in the NBA.

That is not entirely true if you were to look at his years in Minnesota, the team he was originally drafted by in 1992. In his three-plus seasons in Minnesota, Laettner was a machine, averaging nearly a double-double every single season. He also gained All-Rookie First Team honors after an 18 points per game and nearly nine rebounds per game season in 1992-93.

Of course, it seems as though it’s not always a matter of Laettner’s stats or accolades. It often comes down to fans simply saying to themselves I don’t like him as a person, so I’ll never accept that he’s a good player. Very few fans will change their minds no matter how good of an argument you make, but that’s just how it goes with Christian Laettner.

We’ll have Part Two of the greatest Timberwolves players of all-time on Friday morning. Until then, stay tuned to DWW for any breaking free agency news.

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