Ranking the 15 Greatest Timberwolves: #5-1

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5. Tom Gugliotta

Gugliotta enjoyed a very steady career with the Bullets and Warriors until joining the Wolves in 1995. His years in Minnesota would prove to be his best as a pro. Gugliotta’s ability to shoot the basketball at six-foot-ten gave the Wolves chances to open up the floor and gave Kevin Garnett room to work down low. Googs was the definition of a stretch-4, and when you think about it he was really one of the first to play that role.

Gugliotta had back to back seasons in 1996-97 and 1997-98 where he averaged north of 20 points and nearly nine rebounds per gamefor the Wolves. To go along with those fantastic numbers, Googs also made the All-Star team in 1997, the first and only appearance of his career.

Despite his stellar play in Minnesota, Gugliotta was released by the Wolves after the 1998 season. Yes, you are reading that correctly, the Wolves released their second-best player at the time.

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