Playing the “What-If” Game, Timberwolves Edition

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What if Sam Cassell didn’t get injured in 2004?

This is always a tough pill to swallow. While Cassell hurt his hip in the second-round of the 2004 playoffs versus Sacramento, the injury apparently stems from Cassell doing his signature celebration after hitting a big shot.

From that point on Cassell was not the same player the rest of the playoffs, which was evident versus the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. The Wolves went on to lose that series to Los Angeles four games to two, dashing the hopes of Wolves fans everywhere.

What if Cassell didn’t get injured? What if he would not have done his silly celebration and just ran to the other end of the court?

One has to assume the Wolves would have had a much better shot versus the Lakers in the West Finals. Think about it. The Wolves in that series versus L.A. had two players average over 20 points per game in Garnett and Sprewell and Wally Szczerbiak averaged nearly 15 per game. If Cassell were to average his normal 19 points per game the Wolves may have been in the Finals.

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