Minnesota Timberwolves: Top 30 Scorers in Franchise History

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#22 – Pooh Richardson

Richardson was the 10th selection of the 1989 NBA Draft and a huge part of the inaugural Wolves squad during the 1989-90 season. He played in all 82 games in each of his three seasons with the Timberwolves, averaging 15 points and 8 assists per contest.

Pooh went on to play 10 seasons in the NBA, including two with the Indiana Pacers and five with the Los Angeles Clippers after departing Minnesota. He never again scored like he was asked to do with the fledgling Wolves squads of the turn of the decade and into the early 90’s, but he was the scorer that the Timberwolves needed at the time.

After putting up 11.4 points per game as a rookie, Richardson averaged 17.1 points per game in 82 starts in 1990-91 and 16.5 points per game in 82 starts the following year. He shot 32.2 percent from long-range with the Wolves and was an outstanding distributor.

Richardson will always be huge part of Wolves history — he remains second in total assists in franchise history despite only playing three seasons with the team. He has the highest total for point guards (trailing only Kevin Garnett), although Ricky Rubio will pass him during the 2015-16 season, health permitting.

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