Minnesota Timberwolves: Top 30 Scorers in Franchise History

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#20 – Karl-Anthony Towns

Karl-Anthony Towns has only played in 28 games as a professional, but there’s no doubt that he’s a top-20 scorer in Timberwolves history.

In all honesty, he could probably be slotted in the top-10 already and it wouldn’t be crazy, but we’re trying really to hard to not put the cart before the horse. He just turned 20 years old, he’s barely one-third of the way through his rookie year, and we’re talking about 26 years of Timberwolves basketball — is he really the 20th-best scorer in Wolves history?

Quite simply, yes. There aren’t many holes at all in Towns’ offensive game. He scores in the post, on the offensive glass, and knocks down 86.7 percent of his free throw attempts. He’s shooting 10 of 23 (43.5 percent) from beyond the arc, and while a too-high 25.1 percent of his field goal attempts come from beyond 16 feet but in two-point range, he’s hitting on a ridiculous 51.2 percent of those long-mid-range jumpers.

The sky really is the limit for Towns. At this point, it’s largely guessing to compare him to any past Hall of Famer, All-Star, or current great, but there are certainly elements of a number of fantastic big men from recent memory. And if we re-rank this list 12 months from now, Towns could very well find himself solidly in the mix for the top-10.

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