Minnesota Timberwolves: Top 30 Scorers in Franchise History

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#24 – Michael Williams

The #24 player on this list is obscure enough that I could not find a single YouTube clip of him, so I went with the only 1994 Timberwolves game that I could find. It just so happened to be one in which the Spurs’ David Robinson dropped 50 points on the Wolves, but it is what it is.

Williams played in 71 games that season, starting in 66. He averaged 14.6 points per game from 1991 to 1994 for the Pacers and the Wolves before injuries ruined the remainder of his career. He was originally a second-round draft pick by the Detroit Pistons in 1988 and spent the first three years of his career bouncing around before finding a temporary home in Indiana and then in Minnesota.

He played in just one game in 1994-95 and nine in 1995-96 before missing the entire 1996-97 season due to injury. Williams would only play in 27 games over the final two years of his career between Minnesota and Toronto.

But Williams was an efficient scorer, mainly do to his ability to draw fouls and drain shots from the charity stripe — he had a .563 free throw attempt rate over his career and shot 86.8 percent from the line.

If he had been able to stay healthy, he would have had a lengthy career as a key rotation player on some decent playoff teams. As it was, he was only able to play in 16 playoff contests over his entire career.

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