No Frills Wolves Podcast: Rubio Trades and Offensive Punch

On the latest No Frills Wolves podcast, Ben Beecken and Justin Schardin respond to recently reported details of February trade discussions with the Milwaukee Bucks centered on Ricky Rubio.

Would trading Rubio over the summer make sense for the Wolves? Is Khris Middleton too much to ask for, or is it the perfect return if Rubio is sent out? Would either Justin or Ben make the Rubio-for-Middleton swap, or would there need to be other players involved?

The guys also talk about the Wolves’ surprising offensive production of late (as well as the defensive nosedive), improvement across the board from Zach LaVine and Andrew Wiggins, and a the potential for the team to target Nic Batum and Harrison Barnes in off-season free agency, as well as another angle on the Middleton debate.

Also, Justin has a theory that two of the Wolves’ voices were surgically switched at birth by a former presidential candidate. Seriously.