My experience at the Timberwolves game in Dallas


 On Sunday, I visited the American Airlines Center to watch the Timberwolves play the Mavericks. Although it was a terrible loss for the Wolves, I had a great experience.

This wasn’t my first time at the American Airlines Center, but it was my most memorable.

I have been a Timberwolves fan for a long time, but had never seen them play in person until this past Sunday. (Living in Texas my whole life, I haven’t exactly been able to drive on over to the Target Center to catch a game.)

I took the three-hour drive from College Station to Dallas, wearing my Latrell Sprewell jersey (of course). I was fired up to see the Wolves, so I got there early and was able to catch warm-ups.

I was expecting hardly any turnout for the game; the game was at 1:00 p.m. on the same day as the Cowboys playoff game, which took place at 3:30. It also wasn’t a very high profile game — see: the teams respective win-loss records. I was wrong, however. The game was fairly packed. I was impressed at the Mavericks fan base for the large turnout.

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When I got to my seat, I just so happened to be sitting next to other Timberwolves fans. These people were from Minnesota and flew down just for the game, and it was great to be sitting by other people rooting for the away team.

Karl Anthony-Towns drew quit the crowd of Kentucky fans, and I was shocked to see so many people wearing Kentucky blue and rooting for the Wolves. There were even a few Andrew Wiggins Kansas jerseys in the stadium.

Watching these games in person is so much different than on TV. Of course, it was a very poor game for the Wolves so I saw a lot of bad offense. Gorgui Dieng, on the other hand, was on fire — it was unexpected but fun to watch.

When people think about the Wolves, they think about all the highlight reel dunks from Towns, Wiggins, and Zach LaVine. Unfortunately, there was really only one big-time dunk and it was from Wiggins. LaVine did get a couple of fastbreaks, and I couldn’t help but stand up in anticipation. No dunks, however.

It was awesome to see my favorite team in person. I’ve watched games on TV and on my computer, and even listened to games on the radio. Hopefully, I can catch more games in the near future because it was an unforgettable experience.

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If only they had won…