Minnesota Timberwolves: Zach Collins pros and cons

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Zach Collins is an intriguing two-way prospect the Minnesota Timberwolves should seriously consider.

If you’re a Timberwolves fan, I’m sure that by now you already have a person in your head that you’re 100 percent sure the team should draft.

Be it Malik Monk and his 3-point ability, Jonathan Isaac and his stretch-four potential, or Lauri Markkanen and his combination of both. I’m not quite sure many have given thought to drafting Zach Collins though.

The freshman big man from Gonzaga didn’t start a single game in college last year. So how in the world do you even consider him a top prospect you ask? Because he is seven feet tall and shot 48 percent from behind the arc last season, that’s how.

Although he only averaged 17 minutes per game, he was instrumental in helping a Bulldogs team grab a number one seed in the tournament and reach the National Championship Game. Collins was eventually one of two Gonzaga players to be named to the All-Tournament team.

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Most mocks have Collins going in the ten to thirteen range, therefore, Minnesota grabbing him at No. seven could be seen as a bit of a reach.

The bulk of the fears that seem to be tied to Collins is his lack of playing time during his lone season in college. But looking at his per 40-minute numbers of 23.2 points, 19.2 rebounds, and 5.8 blocks should have teams in need of a big man salivating.

I’m not saying Minnesota will draft Collins, or even that they should. But it doesn’t hurt to look at a few pros and cons of hearing his name called on draft day.