Rumor: Nick Young on the Minnesota Timberwolves radar


The Minnesota Timberwolves lack depth and 3-point shooting. The team is looking to sign another big name. The Wolves continue to make waves, as Nick Young is the next target for the Timberwolves.

The Minnesota Timberwolves desperately need a 3-point shooter to help out the team. As we have heard all season long and off-season, the team needs shooting.

Nick Young is known for his ability to shoot the ball, averaging 37 percent from deep during his 11-year career.

It was reported that the Timberwolves are now looking to add the 32-year old veteran Young. Darren Wolfson from KSTP tweets out that the Wolves have inquired on Young.

This past season he averaged 40 percent from three on 1.5 attempts per game. It might not be a whole lot, but he does have the ability to shoot lights out on any given night. A huge reason why he didn’t shoot a whole lot was due to the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers were going through a youth movement, blocking Young’s chances to get a lot of shots up.

The Timberwolves would allow and accept Young to shoot three’s. They ranked dead last in attempts taken – sitting at a disappointing 21 per game.

Adding a veteran like Young would allow the team to up their shooting percentage a good amount. Obviously Young wouldn’t solve their shooting troubles, but, he would be a solid start.

He wasn’t a bad option this past year for the Lakers – averaging 13.2 points a game. However, he only chipped in one or two assists and rebounds a game in 25 minutes of play. But not only that, he is not a good defender. never averaging over one steal or block a game. The best he did was 0.8 steals a game back in 2011-2012 with the Washington Wizards.

The Wolves certainly lacked defense and toughness last year but they have greatly improved that with the additions of Jimmy Butler, Jeff Teague and Taj Gibson. Meaning, that while they could still use defensive players like any team – they can afford a little more shooters. Shooting is the top priority for this team, who desperately needs it.

But you can’t overlook his heart and swagger that he brings to a team. Entering that into the equation, it instantly can bring a drive and spark to any fan-base and team. He has one of the most famous nicknames, as many people refer to him as Swaggy P.

If you don’t remember back in 2014, reported by Fox Sports North why his right arm doesn’t have tattoos.

"“saying that his right arm was “mad” at the limitations that had been placed on it by the “strictly for buckets””"

Not only does he bring this swagger to a team, but he also does some crazy things on the court. Kevin Dorsey tweets out a replay of when Nick Young took away a pass from his teammate in an effort to take the last second shot. Not saying this is a good thing, but it is something many teams can use swagger and confidence.

Young wouldn’t come overly expensive – more then likely receiving a contract worth $5-12 million (depending on team’s salary cap). The Timberwolves don’t have much cap space after being big spenders early on, but they could make some moves to bring in some players.

Bobby Marks from ESPN reports after the Wolves signed Taj Gibson:

"“Minnesota now has 10 players under contract and have the minimum and $4.32M room mid-level exception available.”"

You need 15 players on the roster to complete a team. There have been talks that the Wolves have been looking to send Cole Aldrich somewhere because of his overpaid $7 million a year. They would most likely have to attach the unprotected first round pick received in the trade for Ricky Rubio.

It will be interesting to see what ways the Timberwolves will go this off-season. It appears their tires are still digging up a lot of traction. They aren’t giving up and they are working hard to relieve cap space in an effort to do so.

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The Wolves have to sign a few more players in order to complete the roster. Will it be Nick Young, or recently reported Rudy Gay or Gerald Green? Maybe none of those players, but what is a for sure thing, is that the Wolves will be signing at least five more players to fill out the roster.