5 reasons the Timberwolves should trade for Kyrie Irving

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Kyrie Irving
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Kyrie Irving /
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HOUSTON, TX – APRIL 12: Andrew Wiggins
HOUSTON, TX – APRIL 12: Andrew Wiggins /

Number 4: Jimmy Butler and Andrew Wiggins are redundant

In Dunking With Wolves most recent podcast, co-experts Brian Sampson and Ben Beecken, reiterated the notion that Butler and Wiggins on the same team are somewhat superfluous.

Some might say that’s a good thing because the young player can learn from the veteran player.

Critics, on the other hand, recognize that they both have similar offensive skill sets. Further, each skill set does not involve great three-point shooting.

From that standpoint, Zach LaVine would make a better pairing with Butler. However, LaVine was the Wolves’ third best asset at the time. Wiggins was their second.

Now that the Wolves have acquired Butler, they have two untouchable talents in him and Towns. Wiggins, despite Glen Taylor’s public remarks of being off limits, has now moved to third in the pecking order behind his two running mates.

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During the trade talks with Chicago, the Bulls were quickly informed that Wiggins was not on the table. Now, the table may have turned for the young Canadian, for the Wolves have an older, wiser, better version of him in Butler; plus, Thibodeau and Layden have to decide whether or not they want to commit to Wiggins long-term, a prospect that is not as much of a slam dunk as it is for Towns.

Simply put, Irving, Butler, and Towns are a great fit, whereas Wiggins, Butler, and Towns are, er, maybe going to work well together on offense if Butler and Wiggins can hit the three ball enough to space the floor.

The hypothetical Big Three would give the Wolves a star at point, on the wing, and in the post. Both KAT and Kyrie have holes on defense, but Wiggins can’t defend either, so it’s not as if the Wolves would be losing defense in the transaction.

Furthermore, it solves an even bigger problem with Wiggins…