Timberwolves’ Andrew Wiggins terminates relationship with agency

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - APRIL 1: Andrew Wiggins Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images)
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - APRIL 1: Andrew Wiggins Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Andrew Wiggins cut ties with his agent, Bill Duffy, on Tuesday afternoon. A max-contract offer is reportedly still on the table for the Timberwolves’ star player.

Andrew Wiggins made headlines on a busy dog day afternoon around the NBA.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojarowski, Wiggins filed paperwork to terminate his relationship with BDA Sports and his representative, Bill Duffy.

This adds another chapter to what has been a peculiar offseason for Wiggins and the Timberwolves, to say the least. Earlier this summer, Wiggins seemed poised to cruise into a max-contract extension and start the season with Jimmy Butler, Karl-Anthony Towns, and brand new uniforms at a renovated Target Center.

In recent weeks, however, the Timberwolves relationship with the swingman has taken some odd twists and turns. This drama has left many who follow the team scratching their heads.

First off, Kyrie Irving trade rumors seemed to often include Wiggins as a centerpiece, reuniting him with the Cavaliers, the team that drafted him in 2014. (Now that Irving is a Celtic, that prospect is off the table, of course.)

Then, Wolves owner Glen Taylor had made some rather interesting comments about a potential extension for the young star.

On one hand, Taylor seemed to be assuring Wiggins and others that Andrew was here to stay. On the other, he was seen as stepping on Tom Thibodeau’s toes and making public comments about a player that should be best kept in house.

Now, Wiggins parts ways with his agency in the midst of a max-contract negotiation. To be clear, players leave their agents and switch agencies all the time, but this comes across as shortsighted, perhaps greedy, and somewhat mysterious.

Duffy has represented Wiggins for the last three years, and has been negotiating this contract. According to league rules, Duffy would still get paid four percent commission on this $148 million deal should Air Canada put pen to paper.

I don’t know how much negotiating Duffy had to do since the owner publicly stated he’d give Wiggins the max. For Andrew to part ways with his agent in the midst of these negations, despite them being somewhat of a formality, begs the question ‘why?’

Darren Wolfson, who often gets great behind-the-scenes information from Wolves’ ownership, states that Wiggins is set to land a Canadian agent.

Does this mean anything for Wiggins’ future with the Wolves? Probably not.

It’s hard to turn down $148 million. Plus, even if he decides test restricted free agency, the Wolves can match any offer that Wiggins receives, and no other team can present Wiggins with the five-year max contract. Essentially, it would be foolish for Wiggins to pass on this offer.

We may never know why, exactly, Wiggins chose to leave his agent at this moment. We can only hope, though, for all involved, that this contract situation comes to a resolution and soon.

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With all of the excitement surrounding the Wolves, Target Center, the new player acquisitions, and branding; it would be a shame for any more drama surrounding Andrew Wiggins and this contract to put a damper on an otherwise exciting offseason.