Minnesota Timberwolves: Top Offensive Lineup

PORTLAND, OR - APRIL 6: Karl-Anthony Towns
PORTLAND, OR - APRIL 6: Karl-Anthony Towns /

Tom Thibodeau will have many options when it comes to lineups next year, but this may be his most potent offensive one.

This next year will see many different looks when it comes to lineups but what will be the Minnesota Timberwolves best one when it comes to scoring the rock?

Spoiler alert, Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns will be involved.

When you have two of the top 15 most efficient basketball players in the NBA it only makes sense that they’ll be in this new “death” lineup.  In fact, there are only two other teams that have top 15 players; The New Orleans Pelicans and Golden State Warriors.

There is a big difference between those two squads.

Let’s hope that the Timberwolves can create an offensive lineup that mirrors the efficiency of the Golden State Warriors instead of the Pelicans.  This is where Thibodeau will need to be creative in order to make this maximum offensive weapon work.

A good way to predict who would work well together for the Timberwolves is by looking at the true shooting percentage.  In case you are unaware of what this percentage entails you can find out by clicking here.

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In this new offensive line up, the Timberwolves will need to run Jeff Teague at the point.  This is a safe bet assuming he will already be starting.

Teague has had a cumulative 54.9 true shooting percentage over the course of his career.  His strength is his mid-range shooting ability while boasting an overall 47.6 percent shooting clip for two point field goals in eight seasons.

His weakness, as is the overall problem with the Timberwolves, is his three point shooting.

Teague has a career three point shooting percentage of 35.7 percent from deep.  He is a solid player who knows how to distribute the ball and can make an open jumper.  In order to make this lineup scary though he will need to increase his range.

At shooting guard, Thibodeau should try inserting Jamal Crawford.  Putting another player on the court who knows how to score the ball will make this line up dangerous.

Over his last five seasons with the Los Angeles Clippers, Jamal has had a true shooting percentage of 54.1.  His high offensive I.Q. can help the Timberwolves the same way, Andre Igoudala has helped make the Warriors’ death lineup so potent.

In his time with the Clippers, Jamal has averaged a 44.8 two point field goal percentage.  His three point percentage hangs right around 35 percent which isn’t great but is better than most options currently on the roster.

In comes Jimmy Butler at the small forward position.  Normally, Mr. Buckets will play the two position but for this maximum offensive unit we will place him at the three.

Last year Butler had a 58.6 true shooting percentage with the Chicago Bulls.  If this is a sign to come for the Timberwolves, then he will quickly make a name for himself in Minnesota.

Jimmy is a true superstar in the NBA.  It will be up to him to help lead this team and this lineup should be where he gets his best offensive work done.

This next one may be a stretch but Thibodeau should at least test putting Andrew Wiggins at the power forward position.  With Wiggins playing the four spot, this lineup will be meant to run and play a fast transition pace.

The Maple Jordan had a 53.4 true shooting percentage last season.  His three point percentage also increased to 35 percent last year.  In order for this to work, Wiggins will need to continue his growth this next year, but all signs point to him doing that in his fourth season.

With Andrew’s ability to attack the basket he will continue to be able to create his own shot from just about anywhere on the floor.  This lineup would let him be paired against a slower defender in most cases which will, in turn, open up the rest of the floor for the Timberwolves.

Wiggins may hold the key to this team both in the short term and long term with his progression.

Last but certainly not least, Karl-Anthony Towns will hold down the middle.

Last year, KAT had a true shooting percentage of 61.8.  That is nuts.  To put that in perspective for you Kevin Garnett never had a season with a true shooting percentage of over 59 percent.

Towns also shot 36.7 percent from downtown last year.  What can’t this guy do?  To make this lineup work Towns will need to be a one man wrecking crew in the paint.  That sounds like something right up the big man’s alley.

So there you have it.  Look for this lineup to put up the most points and be an offensive force next season for the Timberwolves.

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I’m counting down the days.