The Minnesota Timberwolves Mount Rushmore

(Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images)
(Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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The Minnesota Timberwolves have had plenty of good players over their relatively young franchise history. Let’s pick four and put their face on the side of a mountain.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have had many ups and downs as a franchise. Unfortunately for fans, this roller coaster ride has had a lot more downs then ups.

The high points of the team are very high indeed, however. Things like gaining a franchise back after losing the Lakers to Los Angeles earlier in the century. Also, reaching the Western Conference Finals with Kevin Garnett and company was amazing. Plus, Garnett’s MVP season that same year. And don’t forget the series of moves that got the Wolves’ current Big Three.

While we do have some very good memories, the lows are much more frequent. The numerous draft mistakes, such as missing current superstars Steph Curry, DeMarcus Cousins, and Paul George in the draft. Not having a winning record since the 2004-05 season, of course. Missing out on the playoffs ever since the aforementioned Western Conference Finals. Watching Kevin Love drag the franchise through the mud his last season in Minnesota before being traded for Andrew Wiggins. And let’s not forget about the Brandon Roy signing.

Ok. We need to stop all of this negativity. I don’t need to start crying onto my keyboard.

While things might not have been great in the past, we have had some very good players call the Target Center home. Let’s take a look at, in my opinion, the four best players to ever wear a Wolves jersey.