Timberwolves Rumors: Wolves to offer Jimmy Butler max contract

The latest in Timberwolves rumors: Marc Stein reports that the Wolves will offer Jimmy Butler a maximum contract extension on July 9.

On July 9, the Minnesota Timberwolves will be allowed to offer maximum contract extensions to both Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns. And according to the NY Times’ Marc Stein, the Wolves don’t plan to beat around the bush.

In fact, they’ve already informed Butler’s camp that they intend to make such an offer.

Here’s the report from Stein that came through right around the same time that Wolves fans were digesting the news that Derrick Rose was returning to Minnesota on a veteran’s minimum contract:

There’s obvious upside for the Wolves to lock in a four-time All-Star in his prime, although he will be 30 years old when the contract kicks in.

For Butler, the motivation would be, well … $110 million reasons, of course, but it would also be valuable to lock in a long-term deal, especially coming off of his recent knee injury. Butler certainly could be incentivized to guarantee himself the money and the years, alongside his buddy Coach Thibs.

Towns is almost a slam-dunk; if KAT were to turn down his rookie contract extension it would be unprecedented. The real challenge is getting Butler to join him as the Wolves’ one-two punch.

Then, of course, it’s up to Tom Thibodeau and general manager Scott Layden to figure out if Andrew Wiggins is the third start that can elevate this team to true championship contention, or if they can move Wiggins and his contract to add another piece via trade or free agency to help bridge the gap as Butler’s star fades and Towns (hopefully) matures into a true superstar that could carry the Wolves to the promised land.

It would be a surprise if we heard much else about Butler’s thought process and the Wolves’ intentions over the next week, however, as both sides are notoriously tight-lipped.


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