Minnesota Timberwolves Roundup: Okogie, Covington, and best Wolves ever

MIAMI, FL - DECEMBER 30: Robert Covington #33 of the Minnesota Timberwolves celebrates with Josh Okogie #20. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
MIAMI, FL - DECEMBER 30: Robert Covington #33 of the Minnesota Timberwolves celebrates with Josh Okogie #20. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Just because it’s August doesn’t mean there isn’t a smattering of Minnesota Timberwolves news each week. And we’ve compiled it all for you right here…

Okay, Minnesota Timberwolves fans. Later this week, we’ll be halfway through August. And after August is September, and that’s the month with media day and training camp.

So, we’re close. Kind of.

First off, we should talk about Josh Okogie’s dunk. While playing for Team Nigeria in a FIBA friendly against Team Canada (no, Andrew Wiggins was not playing), Okogie impressed with a monster dunk after beating his defender off the dribble.

Sure, it’s just FIBA, but that was a nice burst from Okogie. He’s one of the better players on the Nigerian roster, so he’ll continue to be featured somewhat moving forward.

Elsewhere, fellow wing Robert Covington was busy working out with a videographer present. And unless it was some fantastically misleading videography, RoCo looks good.


While Covington has always been more of a catch-and-shoot guy from outside the arc, he does a decent job of getting into the paint and finishing or distributing when he’s healthy and choosing to be aggressive. He shows off his handle just a bit in the above video.

Lastly, August 4 was Timberwolves Team Day on NBA TV. If you’re just finding that out now, sorry, but it was great. The best games in Wolves history were played throughout the day, as well as some Kevin Garnett content, Zach LaVine’s dunk contest victories, and more.

One of things that NBA TV did on their Twitter account was to ask what your ideal Wolves team would look like. But you can’t pick just anyone, you have to follow their point format.

Check it out:

This actually isn’t that difficult for me. Watch.

There’s other ways to argue this, and the exercise isn’t clear about which versions of each of these guys you get, but my take is that you get the best version of that guy with the Wolves.

I’ll ride with Kevin Garnett (5 points), Kevin Love (5 points), (Latrell Sprewell (1 point), Chauncey Billups (1 point), Sam Cassell (1 point). That leaves me with two points left over for my bench, if that was allowed.

Feel free to sub Karl-Anthony Towns for Love if you’d like, and there’s a solid argument to be made there. Towns’ peak as a player should be higher than Love’s was, but I’ll instead opt for the steadiness and rebounding of Love alongside KG.

There’s no need for Al Jefferson if I already have two of the three big guys mentioned above. Stephon Marbury and Sam Mitchell are both overrated as 3-point options, and Andrew Wiggins is only there because of his raw point total. His actual production and impact don’t belong with the other guys in this exercise.

I still need a backcourt, so that leaves Tom Gugliotta out. And I’m left with the other three guys that only cost a single point.

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What would your squad be?