What the Minnesota Timberwolves sale could end up costing

What does it mean for the future of the Minnesota Timberwolves that Glen Taylor is selling the franchise?

First and foremost, let’s address the most important elephant in the room to Minnesota Timberwolves fans. Glen Taylor will not sell the team to anyone looking to move them out of state. If nothing else, you must respect all that Glen has done to keep this franchise in Minnesota.

In a world where big markets rule, Taylor has kept his promise of the franchise remaining in the Twin Cities. For years fans have been begging Glen to sell the franchise, and for the first time it looks like they might get that wish. Here is the concern: for the first time in a very long time the Minnesota Timberwolves have stability. That’s right, stability. While they have failed to find any level of success recently, things are beginning to shift. Hiring Gersson Rosas looks like one of the best decisions this franchise has ever made. He started out by bringing in a ton of players on single-year contracts, knowing well they would be flipped in a package to acquire talent. And what has he done?

Rosas completely revamped the roster to surround Karl-Anthony Towns with actual talent. What does that look like if the team is sold? While the vision of Rosas is clear, that vision might be viewed poorly amongst the next group brought in. If Kevin Garnett comes in and takes over the front office, and what is to stop him from building the roster in a completely different way. That is a major concern. The Timberwolves are heading in the right direction under Rosas, with the promise of youth, with tremendous upside.

We need Becky Taylor to have an intervention, and assure Glen that now is the time to keep everything intact, and continue to let Rosas build this thing the right way. For the first time in a long time Wolves fans see potential of a perennial playoff contender, who will only get better. The biggest fear among fans shouldn’t be when is Glen going to sell the franchise, but rather, what happens to this roster and front office if it is.

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Let’s hope the vision of Rosas is not taken away, and the Timberwolves can continue to build this current roster, around Russell and Towns.